Maksoud A. Hatem

Я могу помочь вам в любой вещи связаны английского языка, как перевод, любые упражнения, как говорить по-английски очень хорошо, и т. д. . .

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English Language
computer Maintenance
Tourist Package to Europe


Information Technologies and Intelligent Systems Master Candidate.
Bachelor of Science in Commerce & Business Administration

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After 20:00 everyday


Computer maintenance and office training (Ms-Office,Windows,Wed design ,Data structure)Experiance 12 years
Travelled many countries during last 5 years

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3. Match the words with their definitions.

1)    The right, need, or ability to choose between two or more alter­native courses of action. (Option)

2) A person or organization having the right to hold certain land or buildings, usually under a lease. (Tenant)

3)    The business of insuring lives and property against harm, damage or loss in return for the payment of a sum of money according to the degree of risk. (Insurance)

4) The right of a person or organization to hold certain land or buildings under a lease. (Lease)

     5)    The act of accepting, taking what is offered or given. (Acceptance)

6)    A trader who buys and sells goods or commodities in large quan­tities, usually at his own cost. (Merchant)

7)    The owner of a property who allows a tenant to use his land or house in return for payment of rent, usually as stated formally in the lease.( Landlord)

8)    Money paid for the use of land considered as a factor of produc­tion. (Rent)

9) Something of material value given by a party to a contract in return for some duty taken upon himself by the other party. (Consideration)

10) An agreement in writing by which one person gives another the right to use property usually for a fixed number of years. (Contract)


4. Supply the sentences with the missing words.

1) I hoped that we might renew our business partnership.

2) Agreement about these decisions is extremely difficult.

3)     These measures are believed to be a good insurance against disorder.

4)  Such an unwieldy banking system is unable to deliver the goods

5)  We didn’t do well in our business last two months.

6)  The tenancy had expired and would not be renewed.

7)  He will be expected to show competence in the methods of market survey.

8)     The average American car owner drives 10,000 miles per year.

9)  The Postmaster-General accepted the tender of the English Marconi Company.

10)   Once they took up the lease they couldn't be evicted.

8. Use the modal verbs must, have to, should to complete the sen­tences below.

1)     It is compulsory to obey the law. You must obey the law.

2)  It is not a legal duty to report fraud. You should report fraud.

3)     It is a moral obligation to report fraud. You have to report fraud.

4)  It is the prime duty of an auditor to respect a client's confiden­tiality. You must respect a client's confidentiality.

5)     Auditors are advised to follow the code. You have to follow the code.

    6) Auditors are not allowed to be employed by a client. You mustn’t be -employed by a client

10. Complete the following sentences with

1)    I think this company is going to bust. -I do too.

2)    He didn't think the results were good. I didn’t. Either

3)    Both of us had interest in Parkroll. We both lost a lot of money.

4)    Both companies grew rapidly. Both controlled their growth.

5)    Which company are you going to invest in?-  Either, I don't really mind.

6)    Which company are you going to invest in? - Neither, they are both in unstable markets.


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