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The official name of Great Britain is(present tense,actiive voice) the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Britain as a part of the United Kingdom consists(present tense, active voice) of the following parts: England, Scotland and Wales. The United Kingdom covers(present,active) over 244,000 square kilometers. Its population amounts to more than 58 million people. The United Kingdomis a constitutional monarchy. This means(present,active) that it has(present,active) a monarch,a King or a Queen, as its Head of State. The monarch can reign(present,active) only with the support of Parliament which consists of the House of Commons and the House of Lords. Parliament as central government is(present,active) responsible for deciding national policy, but many public services are provided(present,passive) by local government. The UK is divided(present,passive) into administrative areas known as counties, and each countyhas a county town where the offices of the local government are located. Local government is responsible for organizing such services as education, police and fire and fire services, road building and many others. The British government, in the general sense of the word, comprises all the three powers: legislative, executive and judicial. The United Kingdom has an unusual constitution which is partly unwritten and it consists(present,active) ofthe laws passed in Parliament, which are called Acts of Parliament — Common Law decisions made by judges in the pastvarious unwritten conventions. All these things can be changed(present,active) at any time by new Acts of Parliament, by the judges, and by acceptance of new conventions. Thus the British lawyerrely mostly on customs, traditions and precedents

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It is my variant of the dialogue translation :


«Excuse me,  is it far from the open-air market?»

«No, it isn't, two minutes on foot. I've just been there.»

«How do you like it?»

«Just fine. I've been buying food there for 5 years since we moved to this district.Everything I buy here is always fresh.»

 «And what about the prices?»

«Quite acceptable, I should say.»

«Thank you.»

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