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Лично мне кажется, что в современной России есть идеология, но ее мало и в большенстве своем она представляет собой не чисто российскую, а частично советскую поскольку ее основными носителями являются  старшее поколение россиян, то есть граждане бывшего Советского Союза. Да и то только те, кто был рожден до 90-ых, так как именно в этот момент происходило активное падавление истино советской идеологии и морально-ценностного комплекса и подделывания их американскими стандартами, которые были направлены на самое главное, что есть у государство детей  и молодежь. Результат этого эксперемета мы видим сейчас и он проявляется, как раз таки в молодежи, которые вырастат иждевенцами.

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Last year, our class teacher Helena Petrovna organized for us a wonderful tour in Berlin, but unfortunately we arrived just six people. <br <br In Berlin, we met with local cuisine, culture and met a lot of interesting. However, as in most travel our journey was not without adventure, which began on the first day. <br <br In the hotel we arrived at 6:00 pm, spread our bogazh, dined and went for a walk. We walked around 4:00. Time later and had to return, but it turned out that Helena Petrovna forgotten city map. <br <br We were in a quandary, and began to ask citizens about how we get to the hotel. However, none of the local that we come across, did not know English. <br <br  Time was about an hour of the night, we are pretty tired and wandered for some unknown to us, street, when suddenly an elderly Vietnamese suits us and asked us about what we are doing on the street at this hour. To be honest, at that moment we had mixed feelings: joy that someone approached us, after a pretty long wanderings, and alertness, expressed the same attention from the stranger. <br <br Benefit of our combat Helena Petrovna not blundered and entered into dialog with the man. She explained to him the situation and found out that the shop Lao, was the name of the person to be next to our hotel. <br <br After graduating from the conversation Elena said that Lao takes us to the hotel. And so literally 10 minutes later we were already in front of the hotel. <br <br As such, we issued the first night in Berlin. Luckily it was not the last meeting with the Lao. Throughout the trip, which lasted 10 days, he fed us delicious Vietnamese food and prompting the names of places are a must visit in the city. <br <br So overall it was a great trip with lots of adventure, a number of interesting singles including with Lao. By the way speaking with him I corresponded so far (though it's been 2 years)
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