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amerikahay ekstrasens

card,seychas on hochet zabrat v ameriku svoyu vtoruyu jenu,t.e. menya,est li takaya vozmojnost?i komu mojno obratitsya po etomu voprosu,spasibo
... America discovered a unique kind of freedom. They were no longer restricted by class and guild traditions of Europe. For the first time in history, a man learned that by working hard, he could build his business based on his own name and reputation and quality of work. (5) Phyfe’s workshop apparently took off immediately. At the peak of his success, Phyfe employed 100 craftsmen. Some economic historians point to Phyfe as having employed division of labor and an assembly line. What his workshop produced shows Phyfe’s absolute dedication to quality in workmanship. Each piece of furniture was made of the best available materials. He was reported to have paid $1,000 for a single Santo Domingo mahogany log. (6) Phyfe did not create new designs. Rather, he borrowed from a broad range of the period’s classical styles, Empire, Sheraton, Regency, and French Classical among them. Nevertheless, Phyfe’s highquality craftsmanship established him as America’s patriotic interpreter of European design in the ...