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soni x berya

1)Yesterday a very young puppy was borrow from a neighbor .2) It was brought to play with the children. Now the little one is well (look after). It always (give) milk at the appropriate time. why don't you play with your younger sister? She feels she (reject) and is not at all happy 3) When we entered the classroom, it was quiet there. The questions (write) on the black board and the answers (write) in the pupils notebooks.4) l don e way Bob is doing at school. He should (talk to). Lily 0augh at) yesterday by her peers, And she much (offend) 6) The little guests (to give) some tasty treats in the sitting room, 7) Don't worry. Your plant (look after) while you are away. 8) When he (speak to)? — Tomorrow, I think. 9) This per formance much (speak about). Everybody seems to like the play.10) ...
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