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vozmojen li sojuz dvuh ludei, on 10.07.1973, ona 11.07,1977 otvette pozaluista
doboi nochi, vi mojete seichas pomoch mne?
kak deistvuit medikament dekapeptil depo s utrojestanam 400 gram?
сторона FH лежит на отрезке ВС, а вершина Е — на отрезке АВ. а) Доказать, что FH=2DH. б) Найти площадь прямоугольника DEFH, если АВ=4.
way. Dave: Oh good! Did you remember (get) some milk! Jane: Yes! Guess who i met at the supermarket… Sally Waltson! Dave: Sally Waltson? I remember (be) friends with her. In fact, we used to go out with each other when we were about eighteen. Jane: Really? Why did you stop (go out) with her? Dave: We were just different. I enjoyed (go) to parties and (meet) people. She could not stand (hang around) with my friends. I have not heard from her for ages. Jane: Well, she was asking about you. She gave me her new phone number. Dave: Really? Jane: Yeah, here it is. Do not forget (call) her! It sounds like she wants to meet up again.
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