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for your birthday, which I really hope you like. How are you going to spend your day? Whatever you do, have a great time! Also, have you realised we haven't seen each other in two years? Maybe we could plan something together in the summer. What do you think? Anyway, happy birthday again! Jessica Write an email of 80-100 words to your friend in which you: thank her for the present and say you were surprised to receive it; say whether you liked it and how you are going to use it; suggest you meet in the summer. Write your email on your answer sheet.
потому что, как бы это странно не звучала, нету… но так как выбирать нужно, я думаю это будут танцы, я именно каким то видом не занималась, а танцевала в дк, выступали на концертах
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