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Нашла список школ в Москве больше всего приглянулся skyeng и englishfirst, подскажите что выбрать? может есть еще лучше курсы, ну вроде здесь весь список самых популярных школ englishchoice.ru/ Что лучше, кто занимался в этих школа? Спасибо всем ответившим

It is reported that every 10 years the volume of pollutants in the atmosphere is doubling. The amount of wastes released into the «fifth ocean» is to be reduced. But not every industrial plant has a filter. The impact of industry on the biosphere is compensated by the inner resources of nature's self organization.

There were undertaken industrial ventilation steps according to the air sanitation programme in Russia Specially selected varie-ties of trees and plants were suggested by the botanists as «sky cleaners». These «green friends» are capable of assimilating various components of industrial pollutants from the atmos-phere. There are some plants which became reliable protectors of the atmosphere. They absorb noxious gases which have a negative effect on the environment and release oxygen into the atmosphere.

Air pollution destroys trees. The closer they stand to the build-ings and towers of industrial enterprises the more wilted their crowns are. Still it is known that plants have been absorbing as much carbon dioxide as people and animals have been exhaling.This implies a typical example of В «closed-cycle» principle of self-purification in nature.

Green hedges of trees, shrubs and grasses produce a decorative effect and protect the nearby fields from pollutants, ejected from pulp and paper mills. The front rows of the hedge are formed by the most reliable specimens: oak, maple, cypress. These are fol-lowed by «medium-strength» plants (chestnut, spruce, alder) and behind their spreading crowns stand more delicate trees — limes, pines and larches. Such excellent «vacuum cleaners» as willow, beech, poplar, have the ability to absorb at least 100 kgs of chlorine and disulfide especially in their vegetation period. One hectare of spruce forest annually «sucks in» 30 tonnes of dust.

1. We sent for the police.
2. They speak much about this book.
3. They often laugh at him.
4. They listened to our conversation very attentively.
5. I think they will wait for us only in a week.
6. Nobody took notice of his late arrival.
7. We looked through all the advertisements very attentively.
8. He was a brilliant speaker, and whenever he spoke, the audience listened to him with great attention.
9. They will look after him in hospital much better.
10. Everybody looked at her new dress with interest.
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1. Concrete is weak in tension, so reinforcing bars overcome this weakness.

2. The town where I grew up is in the United States.
3. Because it was expensive, we were not able to buy the excavator.
4. The player, who ran the wrong way, misunderstood the signal.
5. A student who is diligent is sure to succeed in life.
6. Before I taught English, I worked in a library.
7. Some students listen to music while they study.
8. Although he finished the book, he still needs to study his notes on it.
9. “I wouldn’t marry you even if you were the last man on earth!”
10.If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it?
11.“Try to act as if you were a civilized human being.”