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Food prices have been_____steadily for at least twenty yeasr. a) rising; b) raising; c) lifting; d) growing. 3. When the meeting had finished, they went_____the plan once again. a) up; b) on; c) over, d) down. 4. He never stops criticizing me. He's a real ___in the neck. a) ache; b) pain; c) hurt; d) itch. 5. If no one_____to the plan, we will start next week. a) minds; b) avoids; c) objects; d) argues. 6. Paulo is the head_____at the Buckingham hotel. He is famous for his fish recipes. a) cooker; b) chief; c) waiter; d)chef. 7. I shouldn't have drunk so much coffee last night. I was_____awake till 4 o'clock in the morning. a) full; b) wide; c) well; d) too. 8. Some people deny the connection_____ill health. a) of smoking and; c) of smoking to; b) between smoking and; d) of smoking with. 9. It doesn't_____to me how long you stay.There's plenty of room. a) worry; b) disturb; c) matter; d) bother. 10. Please____ to make sure that there is petrol in the car. a) check; b) control; c) oversee; d) examine.
необходимо тщательно подготовиться. Подскажите, а ведь ЕГЭ будет только в рамках пройденной школьной программы или стоит глубже учить?