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вот здесь: Oxygen, biosphere, energy, free oxygen, environment, carbon, hydro-sphere, solar energy, plants, lithosphere, photosynthesis, nitrogen, atmosphere. The first step to an understanding the interrelationship of living organ¬isms and their nonliving 1) ______ is to begin with the sun. From it comes most of the 2) _______ on earth. But, it is largely unavailable to animals directly. It must be transmitted to them by green vegetation through a process known as 3)_______. In this process the 4) is transferred through a substance in the vegetation called chlorophyll (from Greek, chloros, green, and phyllos, leaf) in the presence of water to become 5)____ and food sugar. Now, animals can receive their energy by eating 6)_____or other animals (who have eaten plants at some stage). As plants and animals decay, with the help of bacteria and fungi, they release chemicals in the earth, helping to feed plants. This circulation makes the earth's basic substances — 7)______, 8)_______, 9)_________- and others move between the earth's main stratums: air the — 10), water — 11)________, soil and rocks — 12)_____________and living organisms — 13_______.
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1) environment
2) energy
3) photosynthesis
4) solar energy
5) free oxygen
6) plants
7) carbon
8) nitrogen
9) oxygen
10) atmosphere
11) hydrosphere
12) lithosphere
13) biosphere
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