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1. Yes, we have many cafes and restaurants in our towns.
2. We have both cafes for children and cafes for grown ups.
3. Yes, our cafes and restaurants can boast with wide range of tasty food. everything is very delicious.
4. My favourite cafe is cafe «La Creme» — they have amazing coffee and different dishes.
5. We have good prices, they are reasonable and competitive. 
6. Staff is always friendly and helpful. They can explain the dish and advice something to my taste.
7. Usually customers have to wait only standard time required to prepare their dish, not longer.
8.  Yes, I trust. I have been there so many times and everything was perfect.
9. No, I have never had bad experience and hope I never have.
10. Yes, atmosphere is relaxed, it is easy to enjoy you meal.
11. This place is busy in the weekends as it is really good place.
12. It is very popular, everyone knows it.
13. Yes, I can say that it is the best place in the terms of taste, cost and service.
14. I do recommend this place to my friends and tourists.
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