You have read the following post on a travel blog and want to write a comment giving your opinion: Hi everyone! You won't believe it, but I'm in Ecuador with some friends! It was a last-minute

decision, so we have no plans yet! As you know, I'm a nature lover at heart, and Ecuador is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. There are lots of tours here, on which everything is arranged for you, but we're thinking of exploring the area ourselves. What do you think? Write a comment of 80-100 words in which you: say whether you think organised tours or independent travelling is better; give the writer some advice on what to do during his trip; wish the writer a good time. Write your comment on your answer sheet.
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Hi! I consider that organised tours is better than independent travelling. In this case you’ll have direct transportation from one top sights that actually make the place famous, to the next, which will save lots of time compared to public transportation and studying maps singly the whole day. Besides, tours provide higher quality at better value, security and accountability. Itineraries on tours are designed by professionals so you don't get lost. I advise you to visit Ecuador’s capital — Quito and the Galapagos Islands. The islands lie 600 miles from the coast of Ecuador and are the most popular attraction in the country. Have a good time! Enjoy your trip!
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