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Hi! Don't worry! Provided you listen to me,you'll definitely lose the weight. The first thing you need to do is to decide what kind of sport do you like. Remember,It's important to choose something suitable for your person. When I had the same problem I went to the yoga classes. It really proved helpful.  The next step is to give up junk food. I know it's hard but no pain-no gain. To begin with,try to cut down on sugar and fat. Then drink plenty of fresh water and eat more low-carb fruits and vegetables to help you feel full. And last,but not least,keep a food journal and count calories. Good luck!
Лучший ответ по мнению автора
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Помогу быстро, недорого и успешно разобраться с химией, а также выборочно с такими предметами как математика, физика и английский язык. Консультирую и помогаю при подготовке к экзаменам (ЕГЭ, ГИА). Пишите - постараюсь ответить!
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