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«About a boy» — a book written by Nick Hornby.

This book is about Wills Freeman, who 36 years. He never had a job. Because in 1938, his father had written a very successful Christmas song. Many famous singers had made recordings of this song, and each time Will's father had received royalties. Since his death, the royalties had come to Will.

In order to finally to grow up and find a woman, Will begins to walk on a specially organized meeting single parents, posing as father, who allegedly has a son. At one meeting, Will meets a Marcus, the son of one of the single mothers.

Marcus — a boy 12 years. He always was a strange boy with a strange haircut and clothes. He lives with his mother — Fiona. His mother often cries, but Mark did not know how to help her. He has a problem at school, the other kids laugh at him.

Boy and Will become best friends. Marcus locates in Wills understanding adult who helps him cope with the problems, and Will is starting to take care of the boy in front of him to feel his responsibilities and grow up.

Later, Will falls in love with Rachel, and changing for the better. Marcus is also changing and grows.

Events unfold in London, where recently arrived Marcus and Fiona.

This book is quite interesting. The author told about growing up the two men told about mothers — singles. That is in the book reveals many of the problems of the modern world. But personally on me, this book is not impressed, I do not even know why. But in general, the book is not bad. I would have advised her to read those who are old enough (over 18 years), or has a family. I give this book 7 out of 10.

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