вставьте пропуски и определите время,пожалуйста,срочно


2.You've eaten the whole pie! You'll be sick.
3. She won't be able to come in the afternoon. She'll see her lawyer at 4 o'clock.
4. They had dated 5 years before he finally proposed to her.
5.What were you doing the whole evening while we were looking for you?
6.When we went to see him last night,he was playing computer games; he had been playing since lunch time.
7. By the end of the last year they had finished three large projects, and by the next year they will have finished two more. I haven't been with them since last month, but I believe they are working on presentations at present.
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Помогу быстро, недорого и успешно разобраться с химией, а также выборочно с такими предметами как математика, физика и английский язык. Консультирую и помогаю при подготовке к экзаменам (ЕГЭ, ГИА). Пишите - постараюсь ответить!
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