Помогите пожалуйста , нужно из большого текста выделить 10 предложений для пересказа .. Не получается , сделать ... Теряется главная мысль и все тут 😔


1. The merry-go-round of the college life is something that one never forgets.
2. Who can forget the first day at the university when one turns from an applicant into  the first- year student?
3. First celebrations and then days of hard works.
4. So many classes, so many new subjects to put on the timetable.
5.Lectures, seminars, tutorial, home preparations.
6.If one can not cope with the work load of college he or she starts lagging behind.
7. It is easier to keep pace with the programme than to catch up with it later.
8.First tests and examination session, and then a long awaited vacation.
9.The merry-go-round runs faster. Junior studets become senior.
10.At last you've got a teacher's certificate and a degree in English. Are you happy?Is it over? Oh? no.
11.A postgraduate course and a degree in Philology.
Finally you've become a teacher of the faculty of forein languages.


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