найти все сказуемые определить их время и залог. Our life, weather, atmosphere, soil - all depend upon the sea. There are many things about the

ocean that people do not understand; but we know that weather supports life on Earth. Scientists think that only the planet Earth has oceans. The sea makes our climate milder. Water evaporated from oceans returns to the Earth in the form of rain, snow and hail. Rain, snow and river water — all come from the sea. The fresh water without which you can't live gives people trees, flowers, vegetables and fruits. Every day, running water sweeps eight million tons of land into the sea. The waves and tides of the sea are always building up some shores and breaking down others. These waves are constantly changing the shapes of countries and islands. The level of oceans rises and falls twice a day. It doesn't take place always at the same time and at the same hour, but these rise and fall happens regularly. The name of the phenomenon is the tide.So tides are the daily forward and backward movements of the sea. What is the cause of the tides? The tides are the result of the gravity between the Earth, the Moon and the Sun. Along most seashores, the water reaches its highest level twice a day. The difference between high and low tide may reach 50 feet. The size, shape and depth of the ocean bottom in a given place causes the difference between tides. Currents are one more phenomenon we want to speak of. Currents are caused by winds, by Earth's movements and by changes in the density of the water. The warm, steady winds from the east blow the oceans water westward. Cold winds from the west blow the ocean waters from the west to east. We know warm currents and cold currents. The warm currents are the Gulf Stream and Kurochio. The cold current is the Humboldt one.
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