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Задание: Fill in the correct word derived from the words in bold.

Astronauts have to be physically and mentally ready for the stress and strain of a space mission. To prepare them, astronauts are given 1) ......(intense) training, which includes years of classroom study on 2) .......(vary) technical subjects, and working in a model spaceship where they can practise 3).........(complicate) flight operations and become used to all the 4)………….(equip) on board. Apart from high 5) .........(intelligent), good qualifications and an excellent level of fitness, astronauts must have a strong character. They also have to be very 6) .........(courage) in order to accept the high risks involved. Astronauts also have to face other, more ordinary problems in space. What can be very 7)…… (annoy) is the limited variety of food, but the greatest challenge is getting along with other members of their team as they often come from different countries, with different backgrounds and habits. Therefore they must be very 8)……… (patience) with each other, since the lack of privacy can become 9) ........(irritate). All in all, it seems that being an astronaut is one of the most 10) .........(challenge) jobs in the world.

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1. intensive

2. various

3. complicated

4. equipment

5. intelligence

6. courageous

7. annoying

8. patient

9. irritating

10. challenging

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