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Well, I’d like to introduce myself in the beginning. My name’s Denis. I was born in Russia, but now I’m living in Canada. I have my own business. I have a small café that is very popular in Toronto. I think that theknowledge I obtained, studying post graduate courses at my university, helped me to develop my strategic management andpractical skills. I have a PhD in economics, despite the fact that I’m 27 only. I’m very ambitious, active, smart, and diligent. I believe in myself. I am dreaming about having a two-level house with a big swimming pool insideDon't we all :). My life credo is «Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game»!!! I have been dreaming about this trip for a long time. After I solved all my tasks in my daily life, I decided to book the tickets for our future trip to Turkey. My dear girlfriend had always wanted to go to Kleopatra Beach. Having discussed all the available routes, we decided to order the apartments in the E-bay Hotel. I can't forget our flight. I was shocked because sometimes our plane went into a zone of turbulence. Thank God, a few minutes later it ended. Our flight took over 4 hours. Our flight attendant was very friendly and handsome. I was so hungry that I could eat a cow. I had a good sandwich, and boiled chicken, with a bottle of red wine for lunch. After we arrived at our hotel, I wanted to sleep for a couple of hours, because I was very tired. Two hours later we went to the beach, where we both were able to swim a lot. We took a lot of good photos. I really thank my dear boyfriend for this trip, because I had a chance to improve my English language. I’d like to say, I've been studying the English language for 7 years, but unfortunately I haven’t had the chance of making conversation with some foreigners. Our cuisine was really amazing. We ate a lot of meat, fruits and vegetables. I'm gonna visit Paris next year.

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Всего лишь мои мысли вслух о проведенном отпуске:)

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Кандидат наук, профи в маркетинге, менеджменте. За вполне умеренную плату я помогу вам с написанием вашей научной работы. Проблемы с учебой? За умеренную плату я стану вашим незаменимым помощником и путеводным маятником в учебе. Постоянным клиентам х Узнать подробнее
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