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панасоник h60

Купил музыкальный центр панасоник SA-VKX20, идет довльно сильный фон из колонок, он есть всегда, но на средней громкости и выше его уже не слышно, однако на минималке слушать никак нельзя… Если можно это исправить, подскажите пожалуйста.
Поставьте глагол в скобках в нужную видо-временную форму: 1. She (to begin) her tour 3 months ago. 2. The detective (to investigate) this serious criminal case now. 3. She (to visit) 6 countries. 4. The jury still (to discuss) the verdict. 5. He (to collect) evidence against criminals already. 6. How long you (to investigate) the case?
and (to know) a lot. 3. Bob’s parents usually (to stay) in the country the whole summer. 4. We (to stay) here for a month, and it (to rain) almost every day. 5. You (to be) at home in the evening? 6. I (to be) here ever since morning. 7. He (to receive) letters from her every week. 8. He (to receive) letters from her since last year. 9. Is it the first time he (to see) a tiger? 10. That’s the third time I (to phone) her today. 11. How long you (to know) each other? 12. I hardly (to hear) anything from her since that time. 13. It long (to be) my dream to visit Canada. 14. She (to dream) of becoming an actress. 15. Normally I (to have) breakfast at 8 in the morning. 16. I (to have) just my breakfast.
you, I (not buy) that party dress. It is too expensive. 3. I (not make) a cake if I (know) you could not have any sugar. 4. He did not pass his driving license. If he (not be) so nervous. 5. I (get lost) in the city unless he (come) with me. 6. What a pity. we (see) our grandparents if we (arrive) on time. 7. If you… (pass) your test. I… (invite) you a drink. I'm sure you will pass it. 8. I...(advise) her if i… (know) her problem then. 9. if you ....(read) the questions carefully, you ....(choose) the correct answers. Good luck! 10. if you ////(be) rich? where .....(you/like) to live?
3.noticed, he, her, the, when, he, restaurant, the, actress, friends, with, entered. 4.young, as, the, information, village, about, man, much, told, he, her, can, as. 5.believed, acted, Miss Carington, Highsmith, that, well, so, him. 6.this, his, was, be, he, sure, part, that, would.
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