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protiv moey voli menya chasto vityagivaut v astral. ne znay kto, ne videla.tolko golovnaya bol, silnaya. kak mne zas4ititsya? mne stanovitsya tyajelo prosipatsya, derjat tam i davyat na viski     nataliya antonova. 11.07.1985. ukraina, novomoskovsk
... end of your nose. 10)............................? I am writing to my aunt in Australia
Уважаемые эксперты, помогите пожалуйста с выполнением задания. Найдите сказуемое в каждом предложении и определите еговидовременную форму. 1. General FeaturesGreat Britain comprises England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. The whole area covers 244,774 sq. km with 52,6 million inhabitants. Great Britain is separated from the continent of Europe by the North Sea and the English Channel. Chains of hills and mountains as well as the elon¬gated shape of the island favoured the formation of various regions distinguished by special features.The Highlands of Scotland form one of these natural re¬gions. The mountains and hills cluster round the Grampian Range, of which Ben Nevis is the highest peak (1,343 m). The Cheviot Hills running from sea to sea separate England from Scotland. The ...
Помогите пожалуйста написать сочинение Argumentative composition Some people say that there is no bad weather there are bad clothes. Others claim that the best place to live is the part of the world where there is no winter and autumn like in Australia or Africa.      Do you think whether we are lucky or not to have four seasons which changeone another during the year? Write 200-250 words.  Use the following plan 1)make an introduction.(state the problem) 2)express your personal opinion and give 3-3 reasons for your opinion 3) express an opposing opinion and give 1-2 reasonsbfor this opposing opinion 4) express why you don't agree with the opposing opinion 5)make a conclusion restating your opinion Зарание Огромное спасибо
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... tenth form. __________________________________________________
4) No, he lives in Australia. _______________________________________________
5) No, I don't have any ...
I. Find the mistakes in the following sentences.
a) amendments
2. to go in pass
b) sport competitions
3. to take part in
c) better results
4. to show
d) developed
5. the most widespread
e) business, science, computer technology
6. the language of
f) for sports
7. to join g) a Constitution
8. presidential h) minorities
9. to adopt i) elections
10. national j) in many kinds of sports
11. to contain k) the Council of Europe
12. highly 1) language
II. Fill in the blanks with the words from the box .
a) differences
b) systems
c) official
d) spoken
e) vocabulary
f) communities
English is a widely d (1) language in the world. It is the _______ ( 2) ...
I.  Match the words and make up word- combinations. 24.08.1991
II.   Find the mistakes in the following sentences.1. Nick is your friend, doesn’t he?
2. The window of my room face the north.
3. What is this man? — He is my uncle.
4. There are a wardrobe, a writing- table and a bed in my room.
5. How much windows are there in your room?
6. There are no computers in your school, aren't they ?
7. Do your grandparents live with you, don't they ?
8. It's half past three on my watch.
9. The first lesson in our school begins in half past seven.
10. They always try to spent holidays together
11. All the ...
Как узнать почтовый индекс по адресу в Австралии? На примере этого адреса: 18 Barberry Court, Perth, WA (Western Australia), Australia 
On pleasant afternoons in countries as different as England, Australia, India, and Jamaica, children and adults grab their bats and balls, and run out to the fields to play. But these aren’t baseballs or baseball bats, and it isn’t a baseball field, for many people in these countries play cricket. Cricket is similar to baseball in many ways. In both sports, the object of the game is to score more runs than the other team. In each game, one team fields while the other team bats. But unlike baseball, in cricket the team has eleven players. Instead of having a pitcher, a cricket team has a bowler. The bowler pitches the ball to one batter, but there are actually two batters on the field at one time. Though there are only two innings in a cricket game, some games have lasted for more than two ...
Almost three-quarters of the Earth's surface is covered with water, including the water in the oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, streams, and glaciers. What is covered with water, including the water in the oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, streams, and glaciers? The Pacific Ocean is the largest and the deepest of the oceans. The Pacific is bordered by Asia, Australia, and the American continents. The Atlantic Ocean is the second-largest ocean in the world. The Indian Ocean is located in the south of Asia, between Africa and Australia. The Arctic Ocean, the smallest of the oceans, is the ocean around the North Pole. The Southern Ocean, or the Antarctic Ocean, is the ocean surrounding Antarctica. The salt content of ocean water is generally about 35 grams per liter. Atlantic waters are considerably ...
examine this material. 3. He came to the Institute to speak to the teaсher of French. 4. E. Rutherford was the first to change nitrogen to oxygen by bombarding nitrogen atoms with alpha particles. 5. Some of the metals are not active enough to react with water at ordinary temperature. Задание 2. Прочтите, перепишите и переведите предложения, обращая внимание на обороты с инфинитивом. 1. The scientists proved this substance to be an element. 2. This problem is expected to have been solved. 3. It is possible for me to do this work in time. 4. Every crystal has been found to consist of atoms arranged in a definite pattern. 5. During the experiment we saw the temperature to fall rapidly. Задание 3. Прочитайте, перепишите и переведите предложения, содержащие союзы «if», «provided». 1. If the ...
Существует ли НЛО? Над этим вопросом человек задумывался с древнейших времен. Как утверждают историки и исследователи древних народов, инопланетяне были на Земле. Они прилетали на огромных кораблях и даровали человечеству многие тайны о своих мирах, технологиях и духовных практиках. Но по какой-то причине пришельцы покинули земную обитель. Большая часть современных ученых относится к таким гипотезам как к простым мифам и легендам. Но людей до сих пор интересует, существует ли НЛО и другие инопланетные цивилизации, представители которых побывали на Земле тысячи лет тому назад . НЛО действительно прилетали на Землю, так считают некоторые уфологи и историки. Они утверждают, что в древности человек столкнулся с представителями других, более развитых миров, которые периодически посещали Землю. ...
MASTER SERVICES AGREEMENT THIS AGREEMENT (“AGREEMENT”) DEFINES THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN N. (“COMPANY”) AND YOU, THE PERSON REQUESTED BY COMPANY OR ITS AFFILIATES TO PROVIDE CERTAIN SERVICES AND DELIVERABLES IN SUPPORT OF COMPANY’S AND ITS AFFILIATES’ BUSINESS (“YOU”,” YOUR”, AND “CONTRACTOR”). By accepting this Agreement: (i) You confirm that you accept the terms of this Agreement and the terms of your engagement; and (ii) You represent and certify to the Company that (a) You are of legal age and are competent to enter into a binding contract under the laws of the jurisdiction in which you are located (“Applicable Laws”) (and in all cases that You are at least 18 years old), (b) You are providing accurate information regarding your identity and applicable taxpayer identification, if so ...
1. My father _________ (go) to Australia next week 2. “What are your plans for the future?” “I ____________ (be) a famous actor!” 3. I don't think schools ____________ (change) very much in the next few years 4. Our computer broke down yesterday, so we ___________ (buy) a new one soon 5. Look at that man on the bridge! He ______________ (jump)! 6. I think that people ___________ (live) on the moon by 2050 7. Peter is not studying hard enough. He ______________ (fail) his exams 8. The sun is shining and the sky is so blue. It ______________ (be) a nice day. 9. “The phone is ringing!” “Ok, don't worry, I _________ answer it!” 10. I hope robots ___________ (do) the housework in the future Will, to be going to or present continuous? 1. My father will go to Australia next week 2. “What are your ...
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