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Dobruü Denj ! Pomogute pozhalysta naütu v Züriche ryssko-ja3u4nogo advokata ,v oblostu ra3voda !!!  S naüly4schumu pozhelaanujamu Ekaterina
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VI. Rewrite each sentence using the word given. a. Why did you turn off the oven? That was a mistake. Have ____________________________________________ b. You ought to have your hair cut. Cutting ____________________________________________ c. It’s difficult to see anything just of the windscreen. Hardly ____________________________________________ d. Perhaps they got lost on the way. Have ____________________________________________ e. Biting your nails is a really annoying habit! Wouldn’t ____________________________________________ f. I think that the dog probably ate your cigarettes. Have ____________________________________________ g. What we really need is a torch! Only ____________________________________________ h. I’m sure that Peter hasn’t left yet. Have ...
5. Complete each second sentence using the word given, so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence. Write between two and five words in each gap. 1. What's the price of the tickets, Ben? (much) How _____ Ben? 2. Are these your trainers? (to) Do _____ you? 3. Mary's not keen on team sports at all. (like)Mary ___ team sports at all. 4. It's only her second time in a recording studio. (been) She ___ in a recording studio once before. 5. We got here three hours ago. (have) We ____ three hours. 6. I started writing this hours ago and it's still not right. (writing) I ____ hours and it's still not right. 7. This is my first experience of flying alone. (time) It is the first ___ alone. 8. Peter's in the bath at the moment. (a) Peter ___ at the moment. 9. John enjoys surprises apart ...
Zdravstvuyte menya zovut Ruzanna 14.07.1987,otvette pojaluysto,,, mne moya podruga doljna deneg, vernyot li ana mne, kogda luchshe ey napomnit ili..poprosit u neyo eshyo raz, dumaet li ona mne ix vernut,, i vabshe vernyot???Astxik Tadevosyan 1.11.1988,,,Spasibo vam bolshoe,,
Zdravstvuyte menya zovut Ruzanna 14.07.1987,otvette pojaluysto,,, mne moya podruga doljna deneg, vernyot li ana mne, kogda luchshe ey napomnit ili..poprosit u neyo eshyo raz, dumaet li ona mne ix vernut,, i vabshe vernyot???Astxik Tadevosyan 1.11.1988,,,Spasibo vam bolshoe,,
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Доброго дня! Пытаюсь самостоятельно написать заявление о реструктуризации долга по образцу www.advokat-shishuk.ru/index/obrazcy_dokumentov_blanki/0-136 На какие статьи ГК я могу еще ссылаться, чтобы мне не смогли отказать? Благодарю.
I. Choose the word or phrase which completes each sentence best. 1.Good teachers are always _____________great demand a) orb) inc) of 2.There has been a sharp increase in the number of claims _____________ industrial injury compensation. a) aboutb) ofc) for 3. Can we begin by discussing matters _____________from the last meeting? a) arisingb) risingc) raising 4. The theory seems vulnerable _____________ criticism. a) forb) toc) on 5. One of the ways to _____________the movement of people in and out of a country is by regular_____________. a) monitor; controllingb) control; checkingc) check; controlling 6.The campaign is designed to increase public awareness _____________the issue. a) inb) aboutc) of 7.The price of oil went up_____________$2 a barrel. a) inb) onc) by 8.Sales went up ...
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THE TASK: Analyze each sentence of the text extract given below and indicate all the stylistic devices and expressive means you can identify in it. Your analysis of each sentence may look like this: EXAMPLE Singers and ringers are little home bringers.— alliteration (sound [ŋ]), assonance (sound [i]), rhyme (sound [i]). TEXT FOR ANALYSIS Katherine Mansfield «A Cup of Tea» Rosemary Fell was not exactly beautiful. No, you couldn't have called her beautiful. Pretty? Well, if you took her to pieces… But why be so cruel as to take anyone to pieces? She was young', brilliant, extremely modern, exquisitely well dressed, amazingly well read in the nevest of the new books, and her parties werethe most delirious mixture of the really important people and… artists — quaint creatures, discoveries of ...
(1-6)/ there is one extra sentence which you do not need to use. Tree of the Year The aim of national Tree of the year competition is to promote and celebrate the most interesting trees around the country. Images and descriptions of a shortlist of 28 trees are put online and the public are asked to vote for their favourite. The four trees that gain the most votes before 5 p.m. on the 5th October will be given a grant of £1,000. In addition, all trees that receive 1,000 or more votes will get a grant of £500. The grants may be sent on a tree health check or advice from the tree expert, or an educational event, for example. 1________ Among the 28 shortlisted trees there are a wide range of tree species, each with its own unique, fascinating story. For example, the ‘Ding Dong’ tree is a ...
In this essay express your opinion considering the conflict of the generations, i.e. why parents seem to struggle when it comes to understanding their children and vice versa.
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In each group (A, B, C) ONE word is missing in the three sentences. Fill in the gaps with ONE word. Use low case letters. For example: 1. I have ______ a mistake. 2. I am glad you _______ it. 3. It was hard but we _______ a significant profit. Answer: made A. What word is missing? 1. I can always see my tutor for ________ and support. 2. I took my teacher’s ________ and applied to Oxford University. 3. She always acts on her mother’s ____________. B. What word is missing? 1. He can’t help us. He’s out of the _______. 2. Try to _______ what life will be like in 100 years. 3. She always looks ___________- perfect. C. What word is missing? 1. Your stories are at _______s. 2. He used to do _______ jobs for a living. 3. I always revise for my exams. I never take exams on a/an ______ chance.
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