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Hi,This is Nitin, there is fraud payment done with the name of your company LiveExpert.ru from my credit card. Could you please help me how can I check with your company? I have all transaction details.Thanks,Nitin
pilfering but of large scale organised financial crime. The most frequent type of fraud is the one involving tobacco and cigarettes. It occurs in Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, Ire-land and Italy. Fraud concerning agricultural products is carried out in most Union countries; specifically for beef (Belgium, Germany, France and the United Kingdom), cereals (Germany, Italy and Por¬tugal), milk products (Germany, Spain, Italy and the United King¬dom), and olive oil (Spain, Italy and Portugal). Industrial goods are rarely used for fraud, with the exception of textiles. Customs of¬fences receive the most frequent mention, with several reports dwelling on frauds affecting the Community or international tran¬sits (Belgium, Spain, France and Italy). 2. The following case related to the European ...
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