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kak dolgo mojego sina budut presledovat neudaci  1999-10-12  1.03    litva   kaunas
помогите составить вопросы по тексту. еще 5 вопросов надо. Japan's first robot(automatic device) was invented many centuries ago. In a collection of stories written in the early 12 century, called Konjaku Monogatari Shu, we can read about a device made by Kaya-no-Miko. The device poured water into paddy fields during dry periods of the year. Actually, this robot did not do the pumping-peasants would pour water into its bowl,and when the bowl reached weight the robot would move, tipping the water into the field.This mechanical fellow provided an opportunity for peasants to have fun competing with each other while irrigating their fields. In the 17 and 18 centuries, robot-like puppets called karakuri-ningyo developed to a remarkably high technological level, all for the sake of amusement.   ...
kakoi budet moi jizn ,,q vstrechau li lubimoi muj  i  rabota kak budet
вот программы kr.pas program Solution; uses Crt, Graph, Smile; var GrDriver, GrMode: Integer; S: TSmile; C: Integer; begin ClrScr; WriteLn('Клавиши управления:'); WriteLn; WriteLn('Клавиши со стрелками — перемещение смайлика'); WriteLn('R— самоперемещение смайлика под действием генератора случайных чисел'); WriteLn('Esc — выход'); WriteLn; WriteLn('Для продолжения нажмите любую клавишу...'); ReadKey; GrDriver := Detect; InitGraph(GrDriver, GrMode, ''); if GraphResult <> GrOK then Halt(1); S.Paint(0, 0); C := S.GetCommand; while C <> Close do begin if C = Rnd then S.RndMove; S.MoveObject©; C := S.GetCommand; end; CloseGraph; end. Smyle.pas unit Smile; interface uses Crt, Graph; const dx: Integer = 10; dy: Integer = 10; Close = 1; Rnd = 2; Up = 3; Right = 4; Down = 5; Left = 6; CurX: Integer ...
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