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maga barkinhoev germani

Dobryi vecher.ya mogu vyselit' byshego muzha s moei kvartiry? posle razvoda uzhe neskol'ko let zhivet byvshii muzh i nedavno privel zhenshinu -invalida bez moego soglasiya.Ona imeet pravo na vselenie moei kvartiry,xotya na dannyi moment naxozhus' v germanii i byvshii muzh imeet dolju moei kvartiry,no yavlyaetsya sobstvennikom ya.
We read an e-mail. It was sent by the director. → We read the e-mail sent by the director. 1. The man is in the garden. The man is wearing a blue T-shirt. 2. We found a doctor. He works at a hospital in London. 3. I often buy cheese. This cheese is imported from Paris. 4. I do not know much about the games. I mean the games that are played by children today. 5. Judy, the man is over there. He wants coffee and a piece of cake. 6. The pizza is in the kitchen. It was brought by Tom. 7. Her bag was stolen. The bag that was bought only a week ago. 8. Those pictures are mine. They are lying on the desk. 9. I really like flowers. The flowers that are grown only in my native town.
-4,3×10 Lymph%-33,6% Mid%-9,9% Gran%-56,5% HGB-126 RBC-4,41×10 HCT-41% MCV-93,1 MCH-28,5 MCHC-307 RDW-CW -13,1% RDW-SD-45,1 PLT-288×10 MPV-8,5 PDV-15,4 PCT-0,244 Глюкоза -6,02 Холестерин -3,8
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