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THE TOWER OF LONDON The Tower of London has been called «The Cradle of the English race». It is the oldest palace, fortress and prison in Europe. The great fortress was created by William the Conqueror nearly 900 years ago. The site was well chosen, the fortress commanded the river approaches to the city and it protected the king and government from the citizens of London. The Tower of London is roughly square in shape with two lines of defensive walls enclosing the tower which for centuries has been known as the White Tower. The outer wall is defended by six towers on the river face and by two semi-circular bastions at the north-east and north-west. Over the centuries the Tower has served many purposes. It has been a citadel, a royal palace, a prison for dangerous offenders against the ...
was an unbearable thing. 2. She did not know. The «No» was stronger than her craving to be in Frisco's arms and forget this dreary existence. 3. At that moment there came a knock at the door. It was a postman. 4. To live on good terms with people one must share their work and interests. 5. Your coming home has made me as foolish as a young girl of nineteen. 6. The rich are always so greedy. 7. The dusting of the room took two hours. 8. They say, we shall have a cold winter. 9. It was he who was dancing for the whole party. 10. They are expected to be back by the end of the month.
Например, какбудет правильно: напишите правильные ответы (прим. 1 a, 2 b и т. д.) 1.a)There is a lake. b) There is a big lake c) There is a big lake in Norland 2 a) There are trees. b) There are tall trees c) There are tall trees in Norland. 3 a) There is a king. b) There is a king Bruno c) There is a king of Nonland. 4 a) There are two children b) There are two children here 5 a) There is a queen b) There is a queen Marisa. c) There is a queen of Norland 6 a) There is a Balan town b) There is Balan — town of Norland c) There is a town Balan
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