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1 One million tons of gum is chewed every year. 2 Chewing gum was invented in Sweden. 3 Chewing gum was found in the mouth of a nine thousand-year-old skeleton. 4 The first gum was made of tree sap and sugar 5 Babies are born wanting to chew gum 6 The ancient Greeks believed chewing gum was good for health. 7 South American Indians made the first packets of chewing gum. 8 Chewing gum was taken to North America by the English. P Today on Worldly Wise, the world’s most common habit …. Yes, chewing gum. We chew 100,000 tons of it every year but how many of us actually know what it’s made of? I Excuse me, I see you’re chewing gum … A Yeah. I Do you have any idea what it’s made of? A Nah—no idea. Never thought about it. I Do you have any idea what chewing gum is made of? B … Uhh, no, not a clue ...
Например, какбудет правильно: напишите правильные ответы (прим. 1 a, 2 b и т. д.) 1.a)There is a lake. b) There is a big lake c) There is a big lake in Norland 2 a) There are trees. b) There are tall trees c) There are tall trees in Norland. 3 a) There is a king. b) There is a king Bruno c) There is a king of Nonland. 4 a) There are two children b) There are two children here 5 a) There is a queen b) There is a queen Marisa. c) There is a queen of Norland 6 a) There is a Balan town b) There is Balan — town of Norland c) There is a town Balan
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