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tarot karten legen

Purchase Exposition, which took place in that city. No one knew beforehand, but that exposition was the occasion where ice-cream cones were first made and sold. The person who did it was named Charles Menches and he was a seller of ice-cream. But he didn’t plan to invent the ice-cream cone. This is how it happened. Charles Menches sold his ice-cream in dishes the way every other ice-cream man did. That August when Louisiana Purchase Exposition was at its height, was a real scorcher (жаркий день), however, and one day disaster struck Mr. Menches. There were so many hot and thirsty people waiting ice-cream that he ran out of dishes. And it wasn’t even noon. He had more than half a day of business ahead and not a single dish to serve his ice-cream on. What did Menches do? He looked around him ...
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