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u mojei mami privarot,kto mozhet pomoch?ja magu prislat fotografiju.
Die Geschichte von Laika: Wie ist das gewesen? Sortiere und schreib auf. 1.man-finden-die Hündin-in den Straßen von Moskau 2.dann-man-trainieren-Laika-für den Weltraum 3.am 3.11.1957-Laikas Reise-beginnen-in den Weltraum 4. eine Woche später-Laika-sterben-an Bord von Sputnik II 5. Laikas Geschichte-traurig machen-viele Leute — in der ganzen Welt 6. noch viele Tiere und Menschen-fliegen- nach Laika — in den Weltraum 7. man- hängen-1997 -ein Bild von Laika — in ein Moskauer Museum
Pochemu posle snjatija privorota s muzha, otnoshenija s nim nikak nenolazhivajutca. I u menja dipresija i nervnije rasstrojstsva?Kto mozhet otvecic?
u poroga nedavno nasli posipano smes stekla ili zerkala s lepestkami rozi,tagda podumali ni prevorot li tut,ona sama govorit ,stoto so mnoi ni tak sebe,ne mogu bit ravnodusnim xocu uznat cto c nei ctobi pomoc. IRINA 1968.10,16. ZARANEE SPASIBO S UVAZENIJEM.LIONGINAS
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Who do you work for? 3-What planes do you fly? 4- Where do you fly to? 5- How much do you earn? 6- Where do you go to shopping in New York? 7- What do you Husband do? 8- How many dolls do you have ?
Economics editor. As the title implies the article describes mobile banking. The main idea of the article is to tell the advantages of mobile banking. It should be noted that, mobile banking has changed the way we manage our money for good, and is saving us billions in bank charges. A mention should be made about Charlie Kingston, a 22-year-old software engineer. He said that he joined the mobile banking to get more control over his money. And mobile banking gave him a quick and astute overview of how he spends his money. Also in the article it is reported that europeans could be saving up to £7bn a year in financial fees. In my opinion this is a very large amount. In fact, mobile banking is not something new, especially in a country like Africa. The reason why mobile banking has proved so ...
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2 Who’s your favourite singer ___________ group? 3 Who did you like _______________ you were in junior high school? 4 What’s __________________ of your favourite songs? 5 How much time do you __________________ listening to music? 6 _________________ do you usually listen to music? 7 What kind of music do you _____________________? 8 _____________________ you a good singer? Do you like karaoke? 9 About ________________ many CDs do you own? 10 Have you bought any good CDs _____________________? 11 What are some ____________________ you’ve been to before? 12 Can you play any musical ______________________? 13 What kind of music shows do you ___________________ on TV?
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