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I. We are a mixed school in the centre of town and have just under 1,700 pupils aged from 11 to 18 on our rolls. The teaching staff numbers over a hundred. As a large school, we are able to provide pupils with a wide range of courses as well as a wealth of out-of-school activities. We believe that teaching in all subjects is of a high standard but we are particularly proud of our examination results in science. Well equipped laboratories complement the good teaching and every year a large proportion of our sixth form pupils proceed to university to study science subjects. The school also has a strong musical tradition. The choir and orchestra perform several concerts annually and last year the orchestra toured Germany, giving seven performances in four different towns.

2. We are an all boys' school taking pupils from the age of 11 to 18. Last year we had 682 pupils on our rolls.Sport plays an important part in the life of the school; for the last three years our rugby team has won the county championship trophy for schools, Many of our pupils go on to university after school. We do not single out success in any particular subjects as being Impressive, as we think our standards are impressive in all subjects.

3. We are a small girls' school situated in a quiet suburb about two kilometres from the town centre. There are about four hundred pupils in the school, with ages ranging from 11 to 16. All the normal school subjects are offered and in addition all pupils are required to learn a musical instrument. Whilst we want our pupils to succeed academically, our main aim is to produce young women who are well-balanced and keen to play a part in the life of the community.

4. We are a medium sized boys' school of 750 pupils from the age of 11 to 16. The school, which is about five kilometres from the centre of town, stands in a beautiful situation surrounded on all sides by open countryside. We take advantage of our situation by having a farm unit where we have a number of hens, pigs and sheep. Music is important in the life of the school, as are trips abroad: last year parties from the school visited France Spain, Denmark and the USA.
Which school would be most suitable for
36. a girl who is not very clever but who wants to learn to play the flute?
37. a boy who is keen on Chemistry and enjoys singing?
38. a boy who likes animals?
39. a boy who is keen on sport and wants to go on to university?
40. a girl who is keen to study Physics and Chemistry?
41. a girl who enjoys music and travelling?
42. a girl who prefers not to be near the centre of town?
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