Задание Complete the summary usung words/phrases from the Check these words box in the cirrect form. Aron Ralston an experienced climber, went on a trip into the remote Blue

John 1)….He hadn't told anyone where he was going and he only had a knife, small 2)…, avideo camera and a few snacks with him. Unfortunately, 3)…while he was crossing a three-foot-wide crack in the canyon. A 4)…slipped and trapped his arm against the canyon wall. He 5)…to get free, but he couldn't. He was trapped for five days and he suffered from 6)… and 7)… .He decided to cut off his own arm using a 8)… to free himself. Meanwhile, his family had who managed to find him walking to his truck. Today, he has a 10) ......................that helps him lead a normal life.
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