Dear Sir,I am an Austrian student, and am seeking some interesting form of employment for the summer vacation this year, and I have been advised to...

write to you to offer my services as a guide to British tourists visiting Europe. Briefly, my relevant experience and qualifications are as follows: I have studied English for ten years, first at School and since then at Vienna University. I have visited Britain several times, and in 1979 I spent ten week in the United States. My experience of speaking English is therefore quite considerable. I have also traveled extensively within Europe and have a good working knowledge of French and Italian in addition to my native language, German. My studies have included the stories of European Art and Architecture as well as the language I have just mentioned. I have work as tourist guide on two previous occasions and am familiar with the nature of the work. I have had to deal with many of the various problem and difficult situation that can arise during a tour mistakes in hotel bookings, loss passports, illness, etc.Last summer I accompanied a party of Americans on a tour of Italy, and a month ago I acted as guide to a group of Irish businessmen visiting Vienna. I have always found this kind of work interesting and enjoyable and have had a good relationship with the clients who have been in my care. I look forward to hearing from you. Needless to say, I will be glad to supply you with any further information you may need, including references from my previous employers. Yours Faithfully, Anton Mayerhofer

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Елена Васильевна

Меня зовут Елена Васильевна, я репетитор по математике из г. Гомель (Беларусь). Занимаюсь со школьниками (8 по 11 класс), а также со студентами.
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