переведите на русский Ice-Cream Cone For people who lived anywhere near St. Louis, Missouri, the biggest event in the summer 1904 was the Louisiana...

Purchase Exposition, which took place in that city. No one knew beforehand, but that exposition was the occasion where ice-cream cones were first made and sold. The person who did it was named Charles Menches and he was a seller of ice-cream. But he didn’t plan to invent the ice-cream cone. This is how it happened. Charles Menches sold his ice-cream in dishes the way every other ice-cream man did. That August when Louisiana Purchase Exposition was at its height, was a real scorcher (жаркий день), however, and one day disaster struck Mr. Menches. There were so many hot and thirsty people waiting ice-cream that he ran out of dishes. And it wasn’t even noon. He had more than half a day of business ahead and not a single dish to serve his ice-cream on. What did Menches do? He looked around him and thought fast. Nearby was a stand where his friend, Ernest Hamwi, who was from Syria, was selling a Middle Eastern treat Zalabia.Zalabia consists of a crisp, wafer (вафля) – like pastry (тесто) sold with syrup. “Give me Zalabia!” cried Menches. He rolled up the Zalabia, scooped (черпать) his ice-cream on top, and presto (очень быстрый темп)! Ice-cream cones were born.


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