Мне нужно вставить пропущенное в предложения в Present Perfect Tense. 1)....Mr.Parker has discovered that he usually spends two or three hours in...

front of a TV set. 2)....and meeting friends at the weekend. 3)Steve has decided to watch football matches on TV rather than… 4)There is one good thing about having a TV at home: it keeps Molly quiet for some time… 5)One morning she said:"....It does not work. Let's go on a picnic instead. I made some sandwiches and have baked your favourite Apple pie." 6)The Parkers have packed their backpacks and… А) when the cartoon is on В) play football by himself C)have left their house D)They have bought a new TV this month E)Something has happened to our new TV set F)her husband has even stopped reading newspapers
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Елена Васильевна

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