Помогите переделать в прямую речь. 1.My friend advised me not to drink alcohol that night since I had to drive back home. 2.The teacher remarked

that our exams were really well. 3.Tony asked me when we would meet for dinner. 4.Sally commented that she had travelled to Rome twice the previous year. 5.Dan's sister refused to do the washing up for him. 6.The passenger wanted to know when the plane would land. 7.Adam suggested wearing smart clothes to Tom's party the next Friday. 8.Mandy said she had forgotten to lock the garage when she had left that morning. 9.The children asked the teacher if they had to bring the dictionary the following day. 10.My father remarked that the new laptop didn't work very well. 11.Peter wanted to know what time the new TV show began. 12.Molly offered to do the shopping for me. 13.Pam's mother told her to tidy her room then. 14.Dave invited Sue to have dinner that night. 15.Ted apologized for not having prepared dinner yet.
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