Помогите, пожалуйста. Замените формы глаголов Indefinite Passive глаголами Indefinite Active, и наоборот: 1. The examinations were seldom passed by

him well. 2. This text is usually translated by the students with the help of the teacher. 3. That book was read by my friends with great interest. 4. My sister will be waited by her friend after classes next Monday. 5. New copybooks were bought by her yesterday. 6. Secondary school will be finished by him in a year. 7. We are often met by him near the school. 8. Museums and exhibitions are often visited by our family. 9. Saturdays and Sundays are never spent by them at home. 10. The library was rarely visited by this pupil last year. 5. 1. My relatives often spend much time together. 2. He usually teaches mathematics at school. 3. They visited a museum last Sunday. 4. Helen will meet her friend near the University tomorrow. 5. I will introduce my new friends to the parents tomorrow. 6. People set up a school to teach children.7. The fortress replaced the custom-house in 1761. 8. The inhabitants usually nickname the Don River as “Father Don”. 9. People always call Rostov- on –Don the gateway to the Caucasus. 10. They will restore that church next year.
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