Нужен переклад Помогите Management is the people part of business. Although managers are also in charge of managing finance, information and various processes, their main responsibility is to the

people who work for them. The managers are the people who run the organization. Management is the art of getting things done through people. Today that means that managers work with employees rather than just direct them. The new managerial style is more informal and people are more likely to work in teams. Management is attractive to people, because it symbolizes authority, money and prestige. There are various definitions of management as the process used to achieve organizational goals with the help of planning, organizing, directing, controlling people and organizational resources: 1) management means to delegate, empower and allow the decision-making process to go through the organization from top to bottom and bottom to top; 2) management is carrying out of the vision; 3) management means managing or being managed; 4) management is people engaged in management. Management has four functions and is considered as a process of planning, organizing, motivating and controlling, which are required for formation and achievement of organizational goals and objectives.
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