Помогите, пожалуйста! Нужно передать главную мысль текста в 10-15 коротких предложениях. Most office workers say they are rude or bad-mannered at work. Two out of three workers regularly arrive late

for meetings, most ignore emails and three out of four use bad language. In a survey of 1000 workers, two-thirds say that pressure of work is the reason for their bad manners. Other common examples of bad office etiquette include ignoring colleagues and answering mobile phone calls during meetings. Using mobile phones in meetings is impolite and distracts others, research by the University of Surrey shows. If you respond to a call when speaking to somebody, it means than the person, the survey said. If you answer a call during a meeting, it could mean that you think the meetings is not important. Mr Jacobs, managing director of Office Angels, a recruitment firm, says it is easy for people to forget their manners in the working environment, which is often very informal and very busy. Workers can forget proper etiquette such as introducing people at meetings, and this is often bad for working relationships.Psychologist Dr Colin Gill believes that people are not as polite as they were twenty years ago. He said: «Courtesy is no longer something that is so much respected in our society». People think it is «stuffy to be polite or formal». Now some organisations are actually investing money in training their junior managers to be polite. Office Angels is encouraging people to arrive on time for meetings, turn off mobile phones and avoid bad language. «Avoiding bad manners at work is such a simple thing to do», Mr Jacobs says, «and it can have a dramatic impact on improving your working environment and your relationships with others». Bad manners are bad for business The study also asked HR departments to allocate a percentage value for best, consistent, inconsistent and poor performers within their organisations. Those organisations with a high incidence of reported incivility had a high percentage of poor and inconsistent performers. "We know that this type of behaviour impacts people’s emotional wellbeing and physical health, but this is the first research to show that it affects the extent that they will promote their organisation and work hard to contribute to its success". Tips for dealing with bad mannered co-workers. 1. Do not reciprocate the behaviour. Reacting with similar actions can quickly spiral into increasingly aggressive behaviours. 2. If circumstances permit, set up a discussion with the person and tell them that you find their behaviour offensive. 3. Understand your organisations policies and procedures. If the situation worsens, you can then report the offensive behaviour in an official manner. 4. If you are stressed and upset by the behaviours, talk to a psychologist or make use of confidential employee assistance programs. Сourtesy, respect and manners are essential for success in the workplace. In times of economic crisis, this is an indispensable requirement for obtaining and maintaining employment. Its time for a return to common courtesy and polite speech; time for the reappearance of "good morning", "how are you?", "please" and "thank you". Modern tendencies towards friendlier business relationships, as well as increased openness, and warmth in relationships in general are fine and good, but these new tendencies shouldn’t supersede, but rather should accompany traditions of courtesy and good manners in all interactions be they at work or at home.
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