didn't often see their bear friends. Rufus was a teddy bear. He lived with a little girl in a beautiful house. The girl was a Lady. Yes, she was a

Lady because her mother was a Duchess. Once the Duchess had a party. And the teddy bears decided to have a party, too. They invited all the bears that lived in town. They cooked a tasty meal, made a chocolate cake and set the table in the forest. Many bears came with apples, apricots and honey. After the lunch many bears went to dance. They danced and sang. It was beautiful. One little bear didn't go to dance. He washed the dishes. Suddenly he saw a very big bear. It was a real bear. The real bear asked, «Have you got food here?» «No», said the little teddy bear. «Excuse me. It is my birthday and I want to have a birthday cake. Have you got a cake?» «No, we haven't. But we had a chocolate cake.» «I am so sorry», said the real bear sadly and went away. Next day the teddy bears went to the forest and gave the real bear a tasty chocolate cake.He was happy! 2. На какие вопросы можно найти ответы в этой сказке? 1. Where did the teddy bears live? 2. What party did the teddy bears have? 3. Did they invite many bears? 4. What did they cook? 5. What cake did they make? 6. Where did the teddy bears have their party? 7. What did the teddy bears do at the party? 8. Did the teddy bears give a chocolate cake to the real bear?


1.They lived in town.
3. Yes, They did.
4. They cooked a tasty meal.
5. They made a chocolate cake.
6. They had a party in the forest.
7.They had a lunch, danced and sang.
8. Yes,they did.
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