Task 6 You are going to read an article about a national vote for people’s favourite tree. Six sentences have been removed from the article. Choose from the sentences A-G the one which fits each gap

(1-6)/ there is one extra sentence which you do not need to use. Tree of the Year The aim of national Tree of the year competition is to promote and celebrate the most interesting trees around the country. Images and descriptions of a shortlist of 28 trees are put online and the public are asked to vote for their favourite. The four trees that gain the most votes before 5 p.m. on the 5th October will be given a grant of £1,000. In addition, all trees that receive 1,000 or more votes will get a grant of £500. The grants may be sent on a tree health check or advice from the tree expert, or an educational event, for example. 1________ Among the 28 shortlisted trees there are a wide range of tree species, each with its own unique, fascinating story. For example, the ‘Ding Dong’ tree is a cooper beech tree growing in a primary school playground.It was named the ‘Ding Dong’ tree because of a game pupils invented in which they race to touch its rank, shouting ‘Ding Dong!’ the protective space underneath the 50-year-old tree is used as a magical outdoor classroom, while the indoor classroom displays pictures of the tree though each season of the year. 2________ Many of the other trees in the competition are remarkable for their age alone. The Craigends Yew, for example, is thought to be up to 700 years old, making it one of the oldest in Scotland. It is an amazing sight as many of its branches have layered. 3________ As a result of these extra growths, the total size when measured around the tree’s crown (the main body of its leaves and branches) is a massive 100 metres. Another very old tree, the Holm Oak in Kilbroney Park, Northern Ireland, is much loved by local people. It measures 3.6 metres around the trunk, and its beautiful bark looks like the skin of the snake. 4________ The advantage of this lack of uprightness is that young children can climb safety and easily on it.Kilbroney Park is home to many remarkable trees, but this tree was chosen as a favourite by community members. A 500-year-old veteran oak tree stands in ancient woodland pasture at Carngafallt in Wales. One of the interesting things about this twisted, hollow tree is that it has several ‘air trees’ growing out of it. An ‘air tree’ is one growing its roots touching the ground. 5_________. It extends its roots down inside the oak’s hollow trunk. The original Bramley apple tree in Nottinghamshire is younger than many in this competition, but is the famous parent of all modern Bramley apple trees.6_________. Many years later, Matthew Bramley, the owner of the tree, was carrying some of his fruit when he met a gardener called Henry Merryweather. Henry asked if he could take some cuttings from Matthew’s tree to grow his own trees. Mr Bramley agreed, provided they were named ‘Bramley’s Seedling’ A This means that they ate touching the ground and have taken root. B These roots have become enormous with age and have now emerged above the ground. Children love to jump over them like in a race. C But the most distinctive thing about this tree is that its main trunk is leaning towards the ground at an angle of 45 degrees. D The best example of this on the big old tree is another species of tree called a rowan. E Alternatively, they could be used to hold a community event in honour of the tree. F It was planted from a seed in 1809 by a woman called Ann Brailsford. G Children hang bird feeders from its branches and it is used as the focus of many of the educational activities going on around it.
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