Тест по английскому. Помогите

1. Choose the words or word combinations you can correctly use in these sentences. (see the list below.)

Polka-dot, job-oriented, freshly ground, clue, barber, pinstriped, sleeve, suede, temptation, handicrafts

1. From their first day at university, our university offers students schemes to help them become increasingly ___________.
2. The FBI sorted through the suspects’ garbage in hopes of finding ___________.
3. She lowered the ___________, down, down, until they reached her wrists.
4. Seven minutes later the princess, dressed in a navy suit and pink and navy ___________ blouse, came out.
5. The effect is similar to dressing a tall man in a ___________ suit – it simply accentuates the length!
6. He told the ___________ he wanted to be perfumed and powdered.
7. I bought my first pair of those brown ___________ boots back in the early Sixties.
8. Add a pinch of salt and season generously with ___________ black pepper.
9. The island used to be a regular stop-off point for ships, and made money by selling ___________.
10. Resist the ___________ to buy the item until you’re certain you need it.

2. Match the columns. Insert the word combinations you can correctly use in these sentences.

Closed ---------------------detector
Hard ------------------------track of them
To keep---------------------circuit

1. Write down the names of people you meet, and then ___________.
2. Did you leave a message on my ___________?
3. The trial made legal history when child witnesses gave evidence using ___________ television cameras.
4. In addition to a general ___________ degree, you can develop more in-depth knowledge and skills in other areas.
5. A lot of kids today are overweight ___________.
6. The ___________ was recently rated as the #1 technology in making people’s lives better – ahead of the answering machine and the ATM.
7. He had the ___________ in his hand and he was channel-hopping, listlessly.
8. The dark suited ___________ glowered at him from within the bright interior of the shop.
9. Three hundred firemen and 400 policemen raced to the Hofburg after a ___________ set off the alarm soon after midnight.
10. Here you can copy files, list files in other directories and even format a ___________.


Вот ответы к 1-му заданию:
1. job-oriented
2. clue
3. sleeve
4. polka-dot
5. suede
6. barber
7. pinstriped
8. freshly ground
9. handicrafts
10. temptation
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С уважением, Юлия

Елена Васильевна

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