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A man was standing at the door of a small house, looking at the high mountain some twenty miles away1.

From the top of the mountain thick smokewas rising into the sky. The man went into the house. In the house, instruments were registeringearth tremors.

Soonsome men in heavy thick coats went away — towardsthe volcano.

The volcano we are speaking about is Kluchevskaya, over 16,000 feet high, the best-known and biggest of the many active volcanoes of Kamchatka. Who are the men that are not afraidof the volcano?

They are the scientists who study it. They work at the Kamchatka station for the study of volcanoes. This volcano is an objectof great interest to scientists. There, near the Pacific Ocean, great geological and mountain-making disturbancesare taking place2. These disturbances are being studied by scientists. Study of eruptionsand of other volcanic activity is teaching the scientists a great deal about the laws of the formation of mineralsdeep in the earth.

The men whom we were watchingwent up the mountain through deep snow. They were carrying all kinds of special camerasand instruments. All around them thick trees were sleeping deep in snow. Cold mountain winds were blowing, carrying the snow acrossthe ground. But noises,like gun-fire, were disturbingthe silence.They seemed to be coming from above3.

The men went up another4 eight or nine hundred feet and came out of the trees on to an open place. Before them a fountainof fire, coming up from the earth, rose to a great height. Above it was a dark cloudwith red tonguesof fire. Belowit was a river of lava,reflectingthe fountain of fire. It was a slow, dark, wide river. All around it trees were burningin the heat.

2.The houses of the station were built on the river Kamchatka over thirty years ago. There, thousands of miles from the nearest city, the scientists have all the equipmentthey need— from first-class laboratories to telescopes. When an eruption takes place, cameras on these telescopes take many pictures5.But the mainwork must be done by expeditions.

The main craterof the Kluchevskaya volcano is a great hole some 2,000 feet across.The top of the mountain is covered with snow and ice, and the main crater cannot be seen. However, duringan eruption, the lava also comes out through the weakplaces at the sides of the mountain. Such eruptions, though smaller than the main one, are much easier to see. The scientists can see them from a distance of about 700 yards.First of all6, they take many pictures of the eruption. They register the speed with which the lava comes out. They register its height and width.Kluchevskaya had a great eruption in 1945. The fountain of fire rose to a height of about ten miles. At its top was a large black cloud. The fire could be seen at a distance of about 250 miles and the noise could be heard 200 miles away. The last eruption was in 1972-1974

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