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Japan's first robot(automatic device) was
invented many centuries ago. In a collection of stories written in the early 12
century, called Konjaku Monogatari Shu, we can read about a device made by
Kaya-no-Miko. The device poured water into paddy fields during dry periods of
the year. Actually, this robot did not do the pumping-peasants would pourwater
into its bowl,and when the bowl reached weight the robot would move, tipping
the water into the field.This mechanical fellow provided an opportunity for
peasants to have fun competing with each other while irrigating their fields.
In the 17 and 18 centuries, robot-like puppets called karakuri-ningyo developed
to a remarkably high technological level, all for the sake of amusement.

 These robots also performed on floats during
folk festivals. Even today, you can see them at the Takayama Festival in Takayama,
Gifu Prefecnure. It is interesting to note here that, according to on old
superstition, the puppets moved because a god or spirit had entered them, and
this human-like movement showed that they were even more quick-witter than
people were.

The first
true robot was developed in Japan
in 1927, using Western technology. HE COULD SMILE, FLUTTER HIS EYES, and write.
His name was Gautensoku, which means, learning from divine reason. Here, too,
we see how robots were thought have a superhuman potential for quick thinking.

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1) When did the «Konjaki Monogatari Shu» appear?
2) What did the device do|didn't do?
3) Who was the inventor?
4) Do people use these robots nowadays?
5) Is there some superstition about puppets?
6) Who invented the first true robot?
7) What technologies were used?
8) What could the first robot do?
9) Is there some meaning of his name?

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