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Составить монолог на тему «Опасная профессия» по плану: (25 предложений)

1. Вступление ( в мире очень много професский..)

2. Каким должен быть человек данной профессии (физически и морально)

3. Положительное в данной профессии

4. Трудности опасности отрицательное

5. Заключение (Если бы у меня был шанс выбрать данную профессию, то я бы...


A dangerous profession

There are a lot of professions in the world. 

As we know labour is honorable duty of all citizens. Everybody must work for the good of our country as the wealth of it is created by the labour of all the people. That’s why it is very important for everybody to work hard all professions in our century are very useful and important. We have many kinds of different professions.

I consider that the profession of miner is very hard and dangerous. This profession demands a high level of manual skill and a certain period of practical training.

The miner must have a character of a strong spirit, he must be patient, generous and endurant.

Coal is one of the important resources for our economy. Coal is produced in Donetsk region. There are many mines there. They are situated under the ground deep over one thousand meters. The miners are very browe and with fortitude people. They put down deeply under the ground and work there in hard conditions.

Hundreds of people are perished in mines for the last year. They always risk of their life.

We must respect these people who go to work in the risking their life.

If I had a chance to choose this profession, I would work hard to be useful for my country. 


Елена Васильевна

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Natali Yah

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Фомина Ольга

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