Сочинение про интернет

10 поедложений про интернет


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1. Internet has made the world a «Global Village» in the whole sense of this word.

2. With the help of the internet people from different parts of the planet can communicate with each other and share information without leaving their home.

3.It has become easier to meet like-minded people from all over the world and become friends with them.

4. The internet has also increased our access to information and it has become much easier to find information on current issues and problems.

5. With the help of the internet we get instant access to news from all over the world and global problems can no longer be concealed.

6. The internet has considerably influenced our lives and many of us have become addicted to it.

7. We can no longer live without chats and social networking websites where we daily contact our friends.

8. Online games are a favourite pastime for people of all nationalities and age groups.

9. People enter the world of virtual reality to avoid everyday problems, so internet also helps many of us to cope with stress and frustration.

10. In conclusion, I would like to say that it is impossible to imagine the contemporary world without the internet.

Nowadays the Internet has huge role in life of all humanity. In the one hand, it helps people to be connected always with family, friends, etc. In the other hand, the Internet gives the freedom to creativity. People can listen music, visit museums, watch pictures staying indoors. It's also possible to call a taxi, buy tickets, food, clothes online.
In addition, I can say that many people are studying in Internet, receive education. It's very convenient to communicate with teacher staying at home.
Some people work on the Internet. They can receive money, when writing articles, news, creating websites etc.
In conclusion, I can say that the Internet is very helpful, useful and important invention of the future. 

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