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  1. You work as a journalist. Write a news report about a car accident which resulted in the death of two drivers.
  2. You work for a newspaper. Write a news report about a bank robbery in which the robbers escaped.
  3. You work as a freelance reporter. Write a news report about two swimmers who weresaved by a dolphin.

Что бы было вступление ( кратко о событиях: что? Где? Когда? С кем произошло? ), основное содержание ( детальное оповещение о событие, причины, последствия), заключение (комментарии людей по событиям, принятие действий по устранению последствий и предотвращению новых).

Стиль официальный, без мнения автора, 180 слов!!! Буду очень благодарна


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Today,there was a car accident as a result two drivers dead.

It happend at a village road at night.

One young man was driving a large truck and he was talking by mobile phone during driving.

The second car was a small woman's car.The young girl didn't notice the truck.

The both drivers were died.

The emergency came to the place of the accident very quickly,but they couldn't save the drivers.

A mass media  and the police try to find the relatives of these both drivers to give them for burial.

The old man who was working that moment with his dog said that he was afraid and didn't remember the details of this crush. He sais «It was so quickly and suddenly that I can't come to my senses and I only remember the sound of this accident».

The officials and police have already done all the necessary for preventing the accidents at this road in future.They cleaned the road from the crushed cars and they are  doing to re-write therules of using this road.As there is a hard and narrow place there.If somebody head or saw something at this road at night,call the police,pleas.  

  Юлия, я выбрала самую первую ситуацию с аварией и придумала сюжет и описала его в объеме 180 слов!

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