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Ответьте на вопросы: Are you a student? What is your friend? Where are you now? What are you doing? What is your friend doing? What is your teacher doing? What color is the door? Is your book thick? What kind of pupil is your friend? Are you standing or sitting? What is your friend reading? Is your bag good orbad? Is Ann in Kiev or is Kate? Whose book is this? What kind of city is Moscow?


Yes, I am a student. My friend is a teacher. I am reading now. My friend is writing a letter. My teacher is explaining the lesson to me. The door is brown. My book is not thick. My friend is a good pupil. I am sitting at the moment. My friend is reading the English book. My bag is good. Ann is in Kiev. This is Kate's book. Moscow is a big city.

Елена Васильевна

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Natalia Yurievna

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