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Нужно исправить ошибки в выделенных словах и словосочетаниях данных предложений.  Заранее спасибо! Dave has a teenager in his family.  Susan says everything will get better.  Sammy, Susan`s daughter, wanted her belly button pierced. Sammy has her own rock band. Susan also had a few cross words about her piercing with his father. David argued with his parents about the style of his trousers.   David can`t communicate with both children. David believes that his son lost his confidence.  David is very excited about his chilren`s behavior.   Susan agrees that children`s behavior is extraordinary.  
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kiak dobit dengi gde nayti i kogdaje eto proizaydet i budetli u menya mlon doll
mojno lii davat vitamin rebenku pri ponose?
Zdravstvujte uvazhemyj doktor,u menya uzhe vtoroj den' bolit neznayu chego,znayu tolko to chto pravyj bok s nizhnej storony,so storony pecheni chto eto i chto mne po sovetuete delat ?
Zrastvujte,skazite,na6 kot za poslednie tri dnja stal o4enj mnogo pitj i pisatj sootvectvenno,emu 10 let,stal kakojto pomjatij,ne aktivnij,vozmozen saxarnij diabet?
As salamu aleykum ve rahmatullahi ve barakatuh, мы с супругой поссорились и она жевёт в отцовском доме, я уже чуть больше 2-месяцев принял ислам Alhamdulillah, а она пока нет и я её devet делаю, и она созлости сказала я товбе делаю что между нами всё конченно, у нас сын есть и только АЛЛАХ знает как я нехочу разводиться и каждый намаз я делаю дуа(((подскажите её слова что то значат? или только муж в правет зделать ришения?
voditel'skoeudostoverenie UK.V nastoyaschie vremya zhivu v United kingdom 11 let.Sut' moego voprosa v tom chto 1,5 goda nazad ko mne prishli psihiatori obveniv menya v nenormal'nosti po takim priznakam kak 1.Ya nehocu delat' operaciyu po udaleniyu moei pochki.2.Ya skazal doktoru chto u menya hotyat ukrast' pochku mediki?Takim obrazom vrachi psihiatori ogovoriv menya i polzuyusya v koristnih celyah zakonom o psihicheskom zdorov'e zabrali menya v psihiatricheskyu bol'nicu opozoriv menya trebovali moego soglasiya na udalenie pochki nasilno kololi mne ukoli I zastavlyali prinimat' tabletki.Ya nehochu i ne vizhu prichinu udalyat'moyu pochku,eto moe pravo.Vrachi skazali chto u menya rak pochki?No ismenoe podtvetzhdenie o diagnoze rak ob udalenii moei pochki davat' mne otkazivayutsya. Ya ...
1(live) with his parents in a big city, but his grandparents and cousin, William, live far away on an island. Last summer, David 2(fly) to see them for the first time. David 3(be) hot and tired when he 4(get) off the plane. The island 5(be) very different from David's city. He 6(not like) it. 'Oh,no'! he thought. 'I 7(get) to stay here for a month!' He said this because he 8(see) that the sun 9(shine),birds 10(sing) and the weather was great.
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-Kate: Hi, David! I'm fine, thank you! And, how are you -David: Very well, thanks! Just a bit worried about the coming exam. - Kate: Why? Is it so difficult to pass? — David: No, I wouldn't say it's very difficult, but it's definitely important for my future profession. Kate: I see. Are you worried about Biology? David: Yes, I really need good marks in this exam, because I want to enter a Medical college. Kate: I remember that you've planned to study in the field of medicine. What's so interesting in it? In my opinion, it's a very difficult job to deal with various human illnesses. David: You're right. I've never thought it's easy. But I know for sure that working in medical field is interesting and useful. When I imagine that after several years of studying I'll be capable of treating ...
Прочитайте текст с пропусками, обозначенными номерами А22–А28. Эти номера соответствуют заданиямA22–A28, в которых представлены возможные варианты ответов. УкажитеномервыбранногоВамивариантаответа. Daniel and Diana Daniel and Diana were good friends. They had majored in economics at Bristol University in the early 1980s. Then Daniel met Rachel, who had arrived a year after them, and fell in love with her at first A22 ______. In Rachel he found everything he was looking A23 ______ in a wife. They married the day he graduated, and after they returned from their honeymoon, David took over the management of his father’s farm in Bedfordshire. Three children followed in quick succession, and Diana was proud when she was asked to be godmother to Sophie, the eldest. Daniel and Rachel had been ...
dangerous illness. The doctor knows what to advise and you must do what he or she says or you won't get better. When i don't feel well, my parents always call the pediatrician. he comes and says what to do. I think if you do exercises, eat healthy food like porridge, milk and fruit, you will be healthy without doctors. The doctor will say that you must stay in bed and take some medicine even if you have a headache. I don't like doctors and i have never had a medical check. As for me, i think you should visit a doctor sometimes. If it is an accident (if you've broken your leg, you should dial 999. When you have a headache, you can drink some tea. You should do exercises and eat good food then you won't have to visit doctors very often but you should have a medical check every year. I have ...
a) Подчеркните смысловые глаголы. 1. There are a lot of places of interest in thatoriental town that can bring much pleasure. 2. Reconstructing of the pre-revolutionary legal heritage in the Soviet Union was not an easy task. 3. Our University teacher has given us numerous tasks that we should fulfill. 4. The family of that rich man were having rest overseas while he was working day and night. 5. The British monarchy also has a certain glamour which is attractive to many people. 6. The extent of his participation in the distribution of earnings depends on the number of his shares. 7. Tom was riding a bicycle when a heavy truck turned and struck him. 8. The policeman asked the woman if she would mind if he looked inside her bag. 9. — What is she doing? – She has been sleeping for some hours ...
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meettheir brother's beautiful fiancée. When your successful older brother gets engaged, it's a time for celebrations, for congratulations, for families to get together, to meet and welcome each other into their lives and hearts in a spirit of friendship and generosity. That's the theory, anyway. The trouble is, I'm hopeless at meeting anyone. Inviting me to present myself and (presumably) make a good impression on a Harvard graduate — who has just gained a doctorate in economics, by the way — is like asking a donkey to stand beside a champion race horse and feel good about it. Serena (even her name sounds elegant — I'm still known as Bojo at home, which was fine when I was two and couldn't say my name but is now a complete embarrassment) will be coming for dinner — a special dinner — with ...
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