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раскройте скобки поставив глаголы в правильной форме. After the doctor (examine)the child ?he (have) a talk with his mother. i (throw) away the newspaper after i (read) it. Mary (wash) all the dishes before her mother (come) home from work. Jack's father (watch ) tv last night when he (hear) a noise in the garden the travelers (see )some camels when they (cross) the desert You (translate ) the article? -Yes, I (bring ) it with me When he (arrive)& — He (not arrine yet when I (get) to the cinema, the first film ( start ) The students (enter) the classroom 5 minutes after the bell ( ring) After she clock and (bolt) all the doors she (go) to bed I (read) the newspaper when I (hear ) a strange noise The little boy (fish) when he ( fall) into the river the magazine (come)? -Yes Ann is reading ...
Здравствуйте я сдала анализ - ДНК Gardn. vaginalis / Lactobacillus spp. количественно, соскоб (PCR real time). и получила результат -  gar vag (+) пол 1,3х10**5 коп/мл, lact 1,3х10**4 коп/мл вы не могли бы мне сказать что результат мой означает?
Put the verb in brackets in the correct tense,Present Perfect Simple or Continuous. 1)I am exhausted!I.................(work)all day,and i..............(not finish)yet. 2)I...............(visit)many countries over the past few years. 3)Someone...........(take)my books. I..........(look)for them for ages,but I..............(not find)them yet. 4)I.........(shop)all morning,but I........(not buy)anything. 5)Thats one of the best books I............ever.............(read). 6)You are filthy!What.............you..................(do)? I...............(work)in the garden. 7)The streets are all wet.It.............(rain). 8)I...............(listen)to you for the past half an hour,but I am afraid I..........(not understand)a single word. 9)What is the matter? I ............(read)in my room for ...
Write in the correct multi-word verb in the right form.The dictionary definition is given to help you. 1)There is a terrible noise outside.What is......?(happen) 2)I am going to bed.We need to..........at about 7.00 tomorrow morning so that we are at the airport by 8.00.(begin a journey) 3)I was tidying out the attic the other day,and i..........some old photographs of when i wa s a baby.(find by accident) 4)My teenage daughters are driving me crazy.I cant...........their moods,their music,and their constant demands for money.(tolerate) 5)I am going to give up tennis.I love it,but it.........so much time,and i am so busy at the moment.(fill or occupy) 6)A teacher to the class:Dont stop just because a visitor has come to the class!.........your work!(continue) 7)I shall.........you ...
Judy  a young girl writes them to her guardian a rich  man whom she has never seen Judy was brought up in an orphan asylum her life was hard when she  finished  school her guardian sent her to  college as Judy was a very bright girl Judy  feels happy abour it  She calls her guardian Daddy Long -Legs as she knows that he is a very tall man She like  the girls and the teachers the classes and the campus and the thing to eat she made up an awful mistake the first day  She told Sallie that my mather and father were dead She told Sallie that a kind old gentleman  sent her to college
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он оказался на Эвересте и пишет письмо родителям.Нужно выбрать подходящий глагол и поставить его в правильном времени. dream think sleep be(2) check do try learn stay mention sunbathe see lie tell snow make get up feel (2) begin get Dear Mum and Dad.I (a) begin to feel quite nervous now about my climb to the top of Everest. However, I think I (b) shall do all that I can to prepare myself and I © feel very fit, but is it enough? To be perfectly honest with you both,I'm absolutely terrified. As part of our training we (d) learn how to survive in sub-zero conditions which (e) are not much fun. At night we (f) stay in all kins of strange places!Tonight we (g) shall sleep at the base camp.I often (h) dream about my warm bed back home and Mum's cookind! I (i) haven't seen you for 4 months now, ...
Выберите нужное местоимение или существительное в притяжательном падеже. Where is the bird? _____ is in the cage. (he, it, they) Can you give _____ a glass of water? (I, me, you) Will you go to the park with _____? (we, our, us) What is this? _____ is my bicycle. (he, it, they) _____ garden is very nice. (our, you, there)
Найдите и исправьте ошибки в предложениях. He usually watch TV in the evening. ____________________________________ Today was Monday. ____________________________________ Why does the baby crying? ____________________________________ I'm never travelling by plane. ____________________________________ At the moment John makes coffee. ____________________________________ You like pizza? ____________________________________ They play in the garden now. ____________________________________ Our school have a lot of students. ____________________________________ There isn't no one in the room. ____________________________________ Do she plays the piano? ____________________________________
drastvuyte umenya etets skanchalsa na rabochem meste on rabotal baennizirovannom ahrane aeroparta i skanchalsa na pastu i nam v tot den chto on skanchalsa i zabrali v morg daje nam nepakazav trupa maego atsa daje nevpustili i zabrali v morg, zdelali ekspertizu i tama pishut chto umevo slomana 2,3,4 reber sprava i sleva okala grudnoy kletki 2,3 po seredine, atakje otmechaetsya perelom lavogo bolshogo rojka podyazichniy kost i pravoga verhnego rojka shitovidnoga xryashi. pri vnutrennih isledovanie bilo postavlen sudebno-meditsinskiy diagnoz: tupaya travma grroudnoy kletki i pishut chto perelom ot vaznik ot nepremogo masaja serdsa v rezultate halatnogo okazannava nepremogo okazannava med personala nepravelnogo masaja serdsa i pri udare tupogo tvyordogo predmeta i pishut eti perelomi vaznikli ...
1 A: Why was Tim so tired last night? B: Oh, he ...had teen working… (work) hard all day. 2 A: I (go) to the cinema last night. B: Really? What (you/see)? 3 A: Did you have enough to eat at the party? B: Yes. Sarah(make) a lot of food. 4 A: What (you/do) at eight o'clock last night? B: I (watch) television. Why? 5 A: Colin! Look at yourself! You are filthy! B: I know. I(repair) my motorbike. 6 A: I (do) something really silly yesterday. B: Really, what? A: I (get) up and (set off) for work as usual. I (drive) for an hour before I (realise) it was Sunday. 7 A: I (just/hear) some incredible news! B: What? A: Jason and Emily (get) married last week in Las Vegas. Isn't that amazing?    -----------------------------------------------------------------------------     A: What 1) ...were you ...
помогите пожалуйста перевести эти простые предложения!!! I'm eager to have my own animal.  She is fond of birds.  Her parents are against it.  book of her brother are on the table.  his house is well-planned, large and comfortable.  In front of the house there is a garden.  there are also several rooms on the ground floor
Поставить предложения в вопросительной и отрицательной форме 1.there is a round table in the middle of the room.2.there are many flowers on the windows.3.it is a modern two-storeyed cottage.4.there is study in our flat.5.i have a room of my own.6.there are many fruit-trees in our garden.7.we must go home now.8.pete lives on the third floor.9.the furniture in my room is modern and quite new.10.on the right you can see a standart-lamp.11.there is a settee in the comer of the room.12.there are many russian and english books in the bookcase.13.the floor is covered with abeautiful thick carpet.14.there are all modern conveniences in my aunt's flat.15.the clock on the wall is five minutes slow.
a/ an/ -/ the.?  What… good advice What… high mountains What difficult work It was… cold day  Bring me… plate from… kitchen Nature is so beautiful in… winter I have got a cat.… cat's name is Murka What is… capital of… USA? This is… Olga, my best friend She lives in… mountains There is… small garden with… apple trees in it My brother wears… expensive clothes Those who has finished, put down… pens 
1)Campers … play music after 10 p.m. 2) You … knock before you come into my room 3) Students … ask permission to stay out after midnight. 4) Bicycles … be parked in the front courtyard. 5) Residents … hang washing out of the window 6) British subjects … get visas to travel in Western Europe 7) Passengers … lean out of the windows 8) You … pay for your tickets now. 9) It rained a lot, so we … water the garden 10) You … disturb your sister while she is working везде или mustn't или don't have to
  1) Is information really important? (are, is, does, were) 2) He has been learning foreign languages all his life. (has, has been, is, are) 3) Don’t call on my brother tomorrow, he will be reading for his exams. (will be reading, will read, reads, are reading) 4) If I get the tickets, we shall see this performance. (shall see, see, saw, have seen) 5) How many novels has he written? (has he written, he has written, is written, he wrote) 6) By the time she returns from her business trip the experiment will be finished . (finishes, is finished, will have been finished, will be finished) 7) We watched an interesting TV program some days ago. (shall watch, watched, have watched, watch) 8) I hope the next mail will bring news from home. (will bring, brings, will have been brought, will be ...
 Напишите начало истории. вот фразы и вопросы… Sunday morning in the summer...Gina be in garden.....Snow White, her little dog be with her.....suddenly, hear a voise behind flowers....go to see-who it be вопросы 1.Who was the person in the story? 2.Where was she? 3.Who was with her? 4.Was it morning or afternoon? 5.What was the weather like? 6.What happened to her? 7.What did she do? 8.How do you think she felt? Написать начало и конец. The water is great, Gina said.....look at friends...smile happily....be all safe at last....burglar be in prison...children enjoy the sun.. вопросы.....1.What did Gina say? 2.How did Gina feel?Why? 3.Who do you think was behind the flowers? 4.What happened to him? 5.What could the children do now? Составить сочинение.... Introduction (para1) who,where,when ...
Напишите начало истории. вот фразы и вопросы… Sunday morning in the summer...Gina be in garden.....Snow White, her little dog be with her.....suddenly, hear a voise behind flowers....go to see-who it be вопросы 1.Who was the person in the story? 2.Where was she? 3.Who was with her? 4.Was it morning or afternoon? 5.What was the weather like? 6.What happened to her? 7.What did she do? 8.How do you think she felt? Написать начало и конец. The water is great, Gina said.....look at friends...smile happily....be all safe at last....burglar be in prison...children enjoy the sun.. вопросы.....1.What did Gina say? 2.How did Gina feel?Why? 3.Who do you think was behind the flowers? 4.What happened to him? 5.What could the children do now? Составить сочинение.... Introduction (para1) who,where,when, ...
Напишите начало истории. вот фразы и вопросы… Sunday morning in the summer...Gina be in garden.....Snow White, her little dog be with her.....suddenly, hear a voise behind flowers....go to see-who it be вопросы 1.Who was the person in the story? 2.Where was she? 3.Who was with her? 4.Was it morning or afternoon? 5.What was the weather like? 6.What happened to her? 7.What did she do? 8.How do you think she felt? Написать начало и конец. The water is great, Gina said.....look at friends...smile happily....be all safe at last....burglar be in prison...children enjoy the sun.. вопросы.....1.What did Gina say? 2.How did Gina feel?Why? 3.Who do you think was behind the flowers? 4.What happened to him? 5.What could the children do now? Составить сочинение.... Introduction (para1) who,where,when, ...
Напишите начало истории. вот фразы и вопросы… Sunday morning in the summer...Gina be in garden.....Snow White, her little dog be with her.....suddenly, hear a voise behind flowers....go to see-who it be вопросы 1.Who was the person in the story? 2.Where was she? 3.Who was with her? 4.Was it morning or afternoon? 5.What was the weather like? 6.What happened to her? 7.What did she do? 8.How do you think she felt?
Здравствуйте.Я заказала товар по интернету и мне нужно его оплатить.Заказала на этом сайте: F. LOREE – DE GOURDON 48 rue de Rome 75008 PARIS – FRANCE Tel: +33 (0)1 44 70 79 55 Fax: +33 (0)1 44 70 00 40 www.loree-paris.com.Продавец попросил номер моей карты чтобы списать с неё деньги.Но списать средства не получается, т.к.нужно разрешение Сбербанка.Как мне получить это разрешение?
Dear Sonya, I am writing to tell you about my summer holidays. It's been an interesting summer. If the first month of the holiday was no different from the previous summer, I was in town, the next two months were some of the most memorable for me, I went to Grandma in the Astrakhan region. It is, with the days at Grandma's I have are the most interesting events and lasting impressions of my summer. Time passed slowly and hesitantly, not at all, as in the big cities.  Large vegetable garden at Grandma 's, there is plenty of fruits and vegetables. So in the morning I helped Grandma's vegetable garden, while her morning begins earlier.  Sometimes it was necessary to do something around the House. We went with the whole family of the Marmara Lake. A great time from morning to evening, swam, ...
не могли бы вы помочь расшифровать результаты анализа на ИППП Лаборатория ПЦР-диагностики ДНК Candida albicans, соскоб (-) отр (-) отр. ДНК Chl. trachomatis, соскоб (+) пол. (-) отр. ДНК Myc. genitalium, соскоб (-) отр. (-) отр. ДНК Neisseria gonorroeae, соскоб (-) отр. (-) отр. ДНК Trich. vaginalis, соскоб (-) отр. (-) отр. ДНК Cytomegalovirus (CMV), соскоб (PCR real time) (-) отр (-) отр ДНК Gardn. vaginalis количественно 5,6х10**5 коп/мл ДНК Lactobacillus spp. количественно 8,6х10**6 коп/мл ДНК HPV скрининг высокого онкогенного риска (тип 16,18,31,33,35,39,45,52,58,59,67), соскоб (+) пол (-) отр. ДНК Herpes simplex I, II, соскоб (-) отр (-) отр ДНК M. hominis, соскоб 2,9х10**4коп/мл (-) отр. ДНК Ur. parvum, соскоб 3,8х10**3коп/мл (-) отр. ДНК Ur. urealyticum, соскоб (-) отр. (-) отр. ...
1.Complete.1.… computer is very good. ( Harry)2. Is… birthday in July? ( Helen)3. Viv is my… best friend. ( sister)4.… violin is on her bed. ( Lucy)5.… favourite food is fish fingers. (Cosmo) 6. That isn't… ball! That's my ball! ( David)7. That… mum is a teacher. ( boy)8. Where is… bowl? ( Bella)2. Complete with 's or '. 1. Chris… brother is a teacher.2. I like Anne… dress, but l don't like James… T-shirt.3. The girl… shoes are under the bed.4. My cousin… CDs are on the desk.5. Do you know Stella… grandmother?6. Giles… house has got a lovely garden.7. Jade… bike is red.8. My sisters… room is very big.3. Complete.1.… mum is a teacher. ( Robert and Sophie)2. The… room is on the left. ( children)3. Who is your… friend ( aunt) 4. My… car is red ( parents)5. I've got… DVD. ( Marie and Tess)6. ...
Zdravstvute, u menia vsio rusetsia, ostalas bez raboti, na mne kredit, masina bez tech.pasporta (zivu za gorodom), porugalis s liubimim (on nezvonit). Ciuvstvo cto vsemu konec, panika, strax i lomki po liubimomu. Bez predlozenija magiceskix uslug, cemu bit dalse?
1) Can he … English? a) speaks  b) speaking  c) speak   d) to speak 2) What time … lunch? a) does Jack has           b) Jack has c) do Jack has          d) does Jack have 3) … you written the letter to our teacher? a) shall    b) will   c) have   d) having 4) When … her homework? a) Ella usually does   b) does Ella do usually  c) usually does Ella   d) does Ella usually do 5) If you work hard, you … your exams well. a) pass                b) will pass    c) have passed        d) are passing 6) He has three children, … he? a) don’t   b) hasn’t  c) haven’t             d) hadn’t 7) My brother … too young to do this work. a) are                 b) does  c) is                  d) has 8) He … friends in many towns. a) is     b) are    c) have     d) has 9) He … a letter to his friend yesterday. ...
... windows of our classroom face the garden ____________________________
IV. Imagine that you ...
I.  Match the words and make up word- combinations. 24.08.1991
II.   Find the mistakes in the following sentences.1. Nick is your friend, doesn’t he?
2. The window of my room face the north.
3. What is this man? — He is my uncle.
4. There are a wardrobe, a writing- table and a bed in my room.
5. How much windows are there in your room?
6. There are no computers in your school, aren't they ?
7. Do your grandparents live with you, don't they ?
8. It's half past three on my watch.
9. The first lesson in our school begins in half past seven.
10. They always try to spent holidays together
11. All the ...
mojeteli da mi kajete dali shte se sabera s majami ot novo kazvase nikolai nikolkov vasilev roden na 17.02.1992god a se kazvam gradina dimitrova petrova rodena 19 feovari 92 god
Chatterplace is a large farm.There is an old houseand a big garden with flowers on the farm. The house is clean and nice.Come to my place!You cen ride a strong brave horse.you can walk in the garden.You can swim in a wide river.You can read funny fairy tales.You can play with little rabbits.You can have a cup of warm milkin the evening.Chatterplace is what you want!You'll have a good time here
Задайте общие вопросы к следующим предложениям: 1. they are working in the garden. 2. he likes taking photographs. 3. i have many cousines. 4. we shall go to london next month. 5. the weather was fine last sunday.
Помогите написать аннотацию к тексту из 12предложений Marketing to students. The student market in the UK is estimated to be worth 13 billion of spending power in a year. It is a market no company should ignore. Marketers are desperate to get student's attention before they turn into high-earning graduates. But students are hard to reach and cynical. How can brands target them? Youth market trends analyst Sean Pillot de Chenecey advises companies who hope to market to students. He says there is no single strategy. Students organise their life on their mobile phones, respect brands that are ethical, but worry more about how they're going to pay off their debt than world peace. To get students attention, marketers must offer them something that adds to their lives. It isn't enough to simply ...
1. «I'm going away tomorrow, mother», Jack said. 2.«I've been to London for a month but I haven't had time to visit the tower», said Ann. 3. " Nothing grows in my garden as it never gets any sun", the old woman said. 4. «It isn't so foggy today as it was yesterday», I remarked. 5. " We have a lift but very often it doesn't work", they said. 6. «From the window of my flat I can see the river», said my friend. 7. " You got me wrong, Joan", Tony said.
1. My task being finished, I went home. 2. John being absent, Peter had to do his homework. 3. It being cold, they started a fire. 4. The storm being heavy, they stayed at home. 5. Everything being arranged, he went home. 6. Arrangements being finished, they started climbing to the mountain. 7. The moon having shone very brightly, everything was in a good light. 8. Our petrol being used up, we could not drive anymore. 9. The match having finished, the crowd went home. 10. It was dark, the sun having set one hour before it. 11. The performance having finished, everybody went away. 12. Nobody being there, I went away from that place. 13. My father having taken the key, I couldn't come in the house. 14. The negotiations between American and English delegates being held behind close doors, in ...
Uvazhaemuje extrasensu! Budte tak dobru, opishite to chto menja zdet v lichnoj zisni v blizajshee vremja.
Вопрос задан анонимно
Die Elektronik ist zu einem der wichtigsten Faktoren des wissenschaftlichtechnischen Fortschrits geworden. Elektronische Bauelemente, Geräte und Anlagen sind unentbehrlich für Automatisierung und Produktionsprozesse, Fernseh-und Robotertechnik, für Rechen-und Datenverarbeitungstechnik und für die Lösung zahlreicher Aufgaben in der wissenschaftlichen Forschung.Mit Hilfe von elektronischen Geräten können Messungen sämtlicher Größen, wieTemperatur, Druck, Drehzahl, Länge und Gewicht (Masse), Spannung, Widerstand, Stromstärke u.a. stets ausgeführt werden. Durch die Regelungstechnik können die Istwerte der genannten Größen mit den bestimmten Sollwerten verglichen werden. Die Steuertechnik befaßt sich mit der Verbindung zwischen den einzelnen Phasen des Arbeitsganges.Zur Zeit gibt es schon fünf ...
Punta Paloma resort. 1. Punta Paloma is a luxury nature resort, located on Honduras's Caribbean coast only one hour from La Ceiba International Airport. It is set in the magnificent rainforest of the Punta Paloma National Park. At Punta Paloma we offer service with a smile from the moment you arrive. You will be greeted with a welcome cocktail while your luggage is collected from your car. Then you will be taken to your secluded guest cabin hidden among the coffee and cacao trees. 2. In Punta Paloma, you decide. Enjoy delicious Central American cuisine in our elegant restaurant with views of the Bay Islands, or have your dinner served in the garden. Relax in our comfortable terrace bar, or have your drinks served by the pool. Choose from a delightful selection of fresh food at our ...
(10/5-62 Grodno), muzhchinoj Hans (10/3-63, Göteborg, Shvecija) i zhenzhinoj Ingrid (26/2-66, Göteborg, Shvecija). Saranee blagodarju. Foto 1 Galina, 2 Hans, 3 Ingrid.
Вопрос задан анонимно
Grace ignored her parents as she went straight to the coffe table and began to draw a flower from her mothers garden. Cal stood taking Rose`s hand and led her to the small couch behind their daughter. Cal sat in the corner part of the couch and Rose sat against him still wrapped in his arms. Her head went to rest on his chest. They happily watched their three year old draw. Rose sighed and looked up at her husband. Cal kept his eyes on Grace with small smile playing across his lips. Что означает в данном контексте слово «draw» ? «I`m just… I`m not sure I`d be hired in Hollywood any time soon.» «Nonsense. They`ll be lucky to have you. You have such talent, Rose.» Cal encouraged her smoothing a finger down her jawline. «No, I mean… who would heir a pregnant woman ?» Cal`s eyes widen. Что в ...
Proshloj nochju bula poputka probratsja v dom no voru chego-to ispugalis. Prodavat li mne dom sejchas ili perenesti eto na vesnu, mart-aprel 2016? Spasibo saranee, Galina. Podilas 10/5-1962 Grodno, Belarus.
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From the garden entrance gate, Nathan narrowed his eyes on his son and his fiance. Since meeting Cal`s soon-to-be-wife, Nathan had noticed a great change. Specifically, a change in his boy. Nathan was sure it was going to destroy his self built empire. A man in love is as tackless as a dog in heat. Что означает фраза «A man in love is as tackless as a dog in heat.»? Заранее спасибо за ответ.
v svoj dom mat svoich dvuch detej kotoraja im manipuliruet. On ne sobiraetsja vosobnovljat s nej otnoshenij, oni rasstalis 6 let nazad på ego initiative. Ja s nim ob etom govorila mnogo ras, on chodit k psychologu chtobu poluchit pomozh no nichego ne menejaetsja. Ja Galina (rod 10/5-62 v Grodno, Belarus), on Hans (rod 10/3-63, Shvecija) i mat ego detej Ingrid (rod 26/2-66, Shvecija). Saranee blagodarju sa otvet.
Вопрос задан анонимно
the Russian Museum. 3) Last month they … in the Hermitage. 4) … your father at work yesterday? 5) He … in St. Petersburg tomorrow. 6) Where … the dogs? – I don’t know, they … in the garden 10 minutes ago. 7) My sister … ill yesterday, that’s why she … at lectures. 8) We must go now, it … very late. 9) Where … your mother now? – She … in the kitchen. 10) When I come home tomorrow, all my family … at home.
My name is Nikolay. I am young, I am 21 years old. I was born in the city of Orenburg, because of big crime rate, our family moved. Now I live and I work in the city of Sovetsk. I work in police at the patrol and point-policeman's position. My basis a task is control of offenses and administrative offenses. For further career development I need education and therefore I combine work with study at Moskow university of finance and law. In 5 years I will be entitled the second lieutenant and I will be able to pass to a higher position. Sovetsk (till 1946 — Tilsit). The second for the population number after Kaliningrad The abundance of green zones, squares and parks, flowers on balconies in combination with numerous monuments of architecture do Tilsit-Sovetsk by the real garden city.
1. Прочтите текст и ответьте на следующие вопросы: 1. Inwhat country did Charles Darwin live and work? 2. What is he famous for? CHARLES DARWIN 1.Charles Darwin was born at Shrewsbury in 1809. As a boy Darwin loved to walk in the countryside, collecting insects, flowers and minerals. 2.His father, a doctor, sent Charles to Edinburgh University to study medicine. Then his father sent him to Cambridge to be trained as a parson. But Darwin wanted to be a biologist. 3.In 1831 he set sail in the Beagle for South America to make maps of the coastline there. On his voyage round the world Darwin looked carefully at living things in the sea and on land and came to very important conclusions. 4.This is what he came to believe. Once there was only simple jelly-like thing living in the sea. Very ...
The overall appearance of the garden is1) splendid2) magnificent3) welcoming4) neglected5) spooky
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... garden. It was a big garden: at the very back was an old tennis court, but no-one in the house played tennis and the fence around the court had holes in it and the net had mostly rotted away; there was an old rose garden, filled with stunted, flyblown rose-bushes; there was a rockery that was all rocks; there was a fairy ring, made of squidgy brown toadstools which smelled dreadful if you accidentally trod on them. There was also a well. Miss Spink and Miss Forcible made a point of telling Coraline how dangerous the well was, on the first day Coraline's family moved in, and warned her to be sure she kept away from it. So Coraline set off to explore for it, so that she knew where it was, to keep away from it properly. She found it on the third day, in an overgrown meadow beside the tennis court, behind a clump of trees-a low brick circle almost hidden in the high grass. The well had been covered up by wooden boards, to stop anyone falling in. There was a small knot-hole in one of the boards, and Coraline spent an afternoon dropping pebbles and acorns through the hole, and waiting, and counting, until she heard the plop as they hit the water, far below. Coraline also explored for animals. She found a hedgehog, and a snake-skin (but no snake), and a rock that looked just like a frog, and a toad that looked just like a rock. There was also a haughty black cat, who would sit on walls and tree stumps, and watch her; but would slip away if ever she went over to try to play with it. That was how she spent her first two weeks in the house-exploring the garden and the grounds. Which words ...
1) My little brother Nick is a very bad boy. I don`t want to play with… . 2)Your friends are plantng flowers in the garden. Would you lke to play with… ? 3) Two boys ask Tom: ”Could you give… your nice red pencils, please?” 4) Ann is a very kind and clever girl. Tell… about it. I think she can help you. 5) Little girl asks her mother: “Will you give… one more sweet, please?” a) him; b) her; c) us; d) them; e) me;
2. раскрыть скобки, употребляя глагол в PASSIVEVOICE 1.Coffee (to grow) in Brazil. 2.St. Petersburg (to found) in 1073. 3.His new book ( to finish) next year. 4.The machine ( to test) now. 5.The patient ( to take) to the hospital today. 6.They told me that the new student (to speak) much about. 7.The newspaper said that an interesting exhibition (to open) in the Hermitage the next week. 8.The poem was so beautiful that it (to learn) by everybody. 9.The question (to settle) as soon as they arrived. 10.At the last competition the first prize ( to win) by out team. 3.перефразируйте следующие предложения, употребляя сложное дополнение с причастием. Пример: He was reading in the garden. She was him. She was him reading in the garden. 1.She was sleeping peacefully in her bad. Mother watched her ...
Antarktis eröffnet. Sie befindet sich in einem grünen Container und ist nur zwölf Quadratmeter groß. In ihrem Inneren gibt es Bücher, ein bequemes Sofa und einen Lesetisch. Darüber ist ein kleines Fenster, aus dem man in die Eislandschaft schauen kann. Eine Heizung ist auch da. Doch wer soll die Bibliothek nutzen? „Die Pinguine", könnte jemand antworten. Doch die Sache ist ernst gemeint. Die Bibliothek steht zwar alleine in der weißen Eislandschaft. Doch 200 Meter entfernt liegt eine Forschungsstation. Dort arbeiten Wissenschaftler und Techniker für das deutsche Institut für Polar- und Meeresforschung. Für diese Menschen ist die Bibliothek gedacht. 1000 Bücher will der Künstler Lutz Fritsch in die Bibliothek stellen. Bislang hat er 500 gesammelt. Die Sache mit den Büchern ist übrigens ...
Составить косвенную речь по вопросам: 1) Nick: «Do you always get up early?» 2) Ken: «When did you return last Friday?» 3) Charles: «What flowers did she grow in her garden?» 4) Ivan: «Is Stevestill taking driving lessons?» 5) Victor: «Have you been to the cinema yet?» 6) Albert: «Did you recognize the famous actor in the film?»
Вопрос задан анонимно
1. «I can't find my bag,» she said. 2. «They work in the garden,» he said. 3. «We got married six months ago,» she told us. 4. «I will go shopping tomorrow,» he said. 5. “I bought a new car last week,” he said. 6. «We will not do anything next week,» they said. 7. «I can't go for a walk tonight,» she told us. 8. «I forgot to pay taxes,» he told us. 9. «We already bought you a gift,» she told me. 10. «I will call you tomorrow,» she told Peter.
Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Potassium Cocoyl Glycinate, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract, Althaea Officinalis Root Extract, Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate, Lauryl Glucoside, Glycol Distearate, Cocamide MEA, Polyquaternium-7, Dipropylene Glycol, Ceteareth-60 Myristyl Glycol, Alchemilla Vulgaris Extract, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil (0.1%), Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Gardenia Tahitensis Flower Extract, Panthenol, PPG-3 Caprylyl Ether, Polyquaternium-67, Caprylyl Glycol, Glycerin, 1,2-Hexanediol, Sodium Benzoate, Citric Acid, PEG-150 Pentaerythrityl Tetrasterate, PEG-6 Caprylic/Capric Glycerides, Alcohol, Tetrasodium EDTA, Sodium Citrate, TEA-Cocoyl Glutamate, Fragrance. спасибо)
afternoon they .play… in the park. 3. She usually does the dishes at night, but today she is… clothes. 4. He usually reads the paper after Breakfast, but today he is… book. 5. She usually drinks tea alone, but today she is… tea with your friends.
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