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How is escaped the human from big stress? How must get it the human?
How will evolve my relationship with Kaloyan?
1. How old is Marina? 2. Where does Marina live? 3. Is her family large? 4. How old is Igor Petrovich? 5. Where does he work? 1. What is Marina’s mother? 2. Where does her grandmother live? 3. Where does Marina study? 4. What is her favourite subject? 5. What does Marina like to do? 6. What does she do in the evening? дайте пожалуйста ответы на эти вопросы на английском языке
usually.........(go) to the mall or.......(watch) a film.2.A:How.......(Pete/spend) his free time?B:He.......(surf) the Net or.......(read) comics.3.A:What......(you/do) now?B:I........(paint) my model aeroplane.4.A:Where........(Jane/be)?B:She.......(prepare) her bag.She..........(go) UFO hunting.5.A:...........(you/come) to the show tonight?B:No.I........(meet) Brian for dinner.
— Who do you work for? 3-What planes do you fly? 4- Where do you fly to? 5- How much do you earn? 6- Where do you go to shopping in New York? 7- What do you Husband do? 8- How many dolls do you have ?
-Kate: Hi, David! I'm fine, thank you! And, how are you -David: Very well, thanks! Just a bit worried about the coming exam. - Kate: Why? Is it so difficult to pass? — David: No, I wouldn't say it's very difficult, but it's definitely important for my future profession. Kate: I see. Are you worried about Biology? David: Yes, I really need good marks in this exam, because I want to enter a Medical college. Kate: I remember that you've planned to study in the field of medicine. What's so interesting in it? In my opinion, it's a very difficult job to deal with various human illnesses. David: You're right. I've never thought it's easy. But I know for sure that working in medical field is interesting and useful. When I imagine that after several years of studying I'll be capable of treating ...
"— bus. The bus-stop is over there —the street." 3. The note became clearer only after he looked — it another time. 4. She liked to stay — home — the evening — an interesting book. 5. They are fond — classical music. They can listen — Bach or Beethoven — hours. 6. When the last exam was — he was so tired that she couldn't sleep — night. 7. He liked to have supper — his family. 8. We shall first go—that part—the museum where the old masters are. 9. Now I want to take you — the house —a cup of tea. 10. She said she had friends — Chester — whom she planned to stay — a week or two. 11. "When will you leave — Sukhumi?" "Not before the end — the month." "How long will you stay there?" "Not more than — two weeks. Then some time — the middle — July I will go — Odessa — boat. " 12. Where are you —? ...
Excuse me,do you know haw can i get to Department Store Of course! go to the cinema go zebra and go to the right until you see a sign department store it is far ? No,somewhere three quarter Oh.thanks a lot.Can i ask one more question Of course do you know where you can rent an apartment My neighbors are just renting an apartment Can I somehow meet with them I can give you their address right now. Oh.that would be great.Thanks You're welcome sir
2 Who’s your favourite singer ___________ group? 3 Who did you like _______________ you were in junior high school? 4 What’s __________________ of your favourite songs? 5 How much time do you __________________ listening to music? 6 _________________ do you usually listen to music? 7 What kind of music do you _____________________? 8 _____________________ you a good singer? Do you like karaoke? 9 About ________________ many CDs do you own? 10 Have you bought any good CDs _____________________? 11 What are some ____________________ you’ve been to before? 12 Can you play any musical ______________________? 13 What kind of music shows do you ___________________ on TV?
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